GAP is your perfect destination when shopping for men, women, & kids clothing; GAP is your perfect destination. It’s one of the top clothing selling brands in the UAE as it offers the customers top exclusive offers & deals. GAP was founded by Donald Fisher & Doris F. Fisher in 1969. It’s an American clothing & accessory retailer.


GAP UAE Promo Code
GAP UAE Promo Code


GAP is the 3rd largest clothing retailer globally; it owns many reputable international clothing brands such as Old Navy, Banana Public, Piper lime, Forth & Towne, & Intermix. GAP serves the United Arab Emirates, KSA, & Kuwait.


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The Categories GAP UAE Offer

GAP is your best place if you want to buy the finest quality of clothes for women, men, or kids. You will find lots of clothes in each category that you can choose from & explore the new arrivals. GAP UAE made it easier for its customers to shop online within a user-friendly website & mobile application.

Starting from shorts, jeans, pants, & several types of clothes for men & women, all your casual & seasonal clothes will be available. Even for kids, there’s a wide variety of clothing & accessories to choose from. Here are some of the main categories available on GAP online.


  • Women Clothing

GAP is the best & highly recommended clothing store for high-end & best quality women clothing at affordable prices. All customers in MENA can shop from the best brands such as Maxi, Midi Dressed, or Mini to get a wide range of dresses, Tops, Hoodies, sweaters, Outwear, jeans & more.

If you are searching for workwear essentials, formalwear, new arrivals & more, GAP UAE got all your needs. It offers the best shopping experience along with high customer satisfaction. By using the GAP UAE promo code (P98) from CouponGizer, you will enjoy 10% OFF on your purchased order.


  • Men Clothing

GAP didn’t forget about man fashion as it offers a wide range of fashion & stylish clothing to make your look perfect. It brings all types of men clothing & accessories to make it easier for you to find all your needs in one shop! You will find Jeans, shorts, Hoodies, tees, & more for men in UAE.

It has a great reputation for offering cosy & comfortable casual wear clothing for men at affordable prices. Also, if you have a GAP UAE promo code (P98) offered by CouponGizer, you will save big on any GAP UAE online purchase. With GAP’s exceptional rewards, you will get points that can save you money every time you shop with GAP.


  • Kids Clothing

GAP is well-known among kids between 6 to 15 years; it offers exclusive designs & styles for boys & girls. GAP UAE offers a great online shopping experience at great prices & fast shipping. GAP offers all these items at reasonable prices for dresses, skirts, jeans, sweaters, accessories, & shoes.

Whether you want casual or evening wear, GAP UAE has all you need at affordable prices. However, if you have a GAP UAE promo code (P89) from CouponGizer, you will enjoy 10% OFF on your order.


  • Toddlers Clothing

For kids between 1 to 15 years, GAP UAE offers a variety of clothing with a GAP logo. If you love the GAP shop, you will choose GAP for your kids clothing. They understand how toddler clothing is well-known for uniqueness. Thus, they offer special sleepwear, outwear & more.


  • Baby Clothing

If you are looking for the finest quality clothes & accessories for your baby, there’s nothing better than GAP UAE. You will find a wide variety of baby clothing with occasional & seasonal discounts. Save big by using the GAP UAE promo code (P98) to enjoy 10% OFF. For dresses, suits, one-pieces, shoes & premium quality accessories, shop at GAP UAE.


Exceptional GAP UAE Features


  • Online Payment

GAP is one of the few clothing retailers in the UAE that offer PayPal payment. The customers can choose to pay online through their Credit or Debit cards. The refunds process fast in case of online payment!


  • Cash On Delivery

With GAP, you can pay cash on delivery once you deliver your order in UAE. For customers in Kuwait, you will pay a delivery fee of up to 2 KWD for cash on delivery.


  • Return Policy

You can return your products with GAP within 60 days of the delivery date. This makes it reliable for their customers in UAE.


  • 2HR Delivery in Dubai

GAP offer 2hour delivery within Dubai. This facility can work with selected items. This enables customers to access the rewarding shopping experience easily in UAE.


  • Click & Collect Facility

You will find the click & collect facility on the online GAP store. This will make your shopping experience easier, especially if you live near any GAP physical store!


  • Amber Rewards

The Amber rewards make your shopping experience more rewarding. All GAP customers can redeem Amber rewards whenever they shop online at GAP UAE, as it’s a participating store for Amber rewards.


  • 100% Verified Coupons

You can get verified coupons available on CouponGizer. all these coupons are trustworthy & automatically activated once you click on them. These coupons will give you extra savings!


GAP UAE Promo Code
GAP UAE Promo Code


How to Get The Latest GAP UAE Promo Codes?

It’s easy to get valid GAP UAE promo codes with CouponGizer’s GAP UAE promo codes. So, follow the upcoming steps to start saving money!

  • Visit CouponGizer & search for GAP UAE in the search box.
  • Click on it to be redirected to the discount codes page.
  • Choose your ideal GAP UAE discount code.
  • Copy your GAP UAE promo code.
  • Move to the online GAP UAE store by clicking on “Go To Store”.


How To Use GAP UAE Coupon Codes?

Using these discounts is easier than getting them. After getting your desired code, you should follow the upcoming steps to save money.

  • Go to the GAP UAE official website or mobile app.
  • Start shopping for your favourite items & add them to your cart.
  • Apply the GAP Coupon Code during checkout.
  • The new discounted price will be applied.
  •  Provide your shipping address.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Enjoy your discounts!


Return & Refund Policy

Suppose you want to return your products within 30 days from the delivery time of your order. With an easy GAP return policy, you will replace or return your unrequired product. GAP will accept your return request if the order is not damaged & in the original condition they have been delivered in!


Friendly Shopping Budget With GAP UAE!

GAP UAE offers multiple clothing & lifestyle products like dresses, jeans, skirts & more for men, women & kids. All these products come from the top brands in the world. Besides, it provides logo print shirts with frequent promotions for its users.

Thus, you can save extra money on your shopping by using the GAP UAE promo code (P98). CouponGizer offers extensive coupon codes & discount codes to shop all you want at ease & in comfort without leaving your home.


GAP UAE Promo Code 

For men, women, and kids, a selection of informal, basic, and casual designs are available, including jeans, blouses, tanks, trousers, sweaters, and more. Use the GAP UAE promo code (P98) and get 10% off your order. And don’t forget to return to the CouponGizer website frequently to find more hot deals and coupon codes.


About GAP 

In order to make it simpler to locate a pair of jeans that fit, the Gap was established in 1969 with a dedication to doing more. Over the next more than 50 years, the company has morphed into seven distinct brands, and their original resolve to do more has evolved into a global aspiration to ensure environmental protection, inclusion, and equality.


GAP UAE Can Help you Personalize Your Still.

customizable products, choose your item. Pick from a variety of branded sweatshirts, polos, jeans, backpacks, and hats. Stitching, paint splashing, and distressing are examples of customization. Small distress, studs, embroidery, and coloring require two hours. as well as 24 hours for extensive distressing and coloring. Please apply the GAP UAE promo code (P98) and get 10% off your order.


GAP UAE’s Featured Stores

Do not forget to use the GAP UAE promo code (P98) to get 10% off your order.


  • Recycled Materials

Instead of depending on virgin materials, they recycle to save water and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to lessen their influence on the environment. When compared to virgin materials, recycled products lessen carbon pollution even while keeping garbage out of the trash.


  • Organic Cotton 

cotton that has been grown organically. Naturally farmed cotton is better for humans and the environment since it is produced without the need for dangerous chemical pesticides.


  • Washwel

Since 2016, their wash well program has saved thousands of liters of water by using at least 20% less water to produce things than traditional wash techniques. Use the GAP UAE promo code (P98) and get 10% off your order.


What Makes GAP Unique?

They were established with the idealistic belief that anything is possible. They are defenders of uniqueness, forerunners of inclusivity, creators of culture, forces for good, and lovers of potential. Gap has developed its ability to interact with online users, through its corporation and franchised retail locations worldwide since the establishment of its first shop in 1969. Use the GAP UAE promo code (P98) and get 10% off your order.


GAP UAE Customer Feedback

Use the GAP UAE promo code (P98) to get 10% off and save more money.


  • Gap has fantastic quality, fantastic style, and fantastic sportswear.
  • We adore GAP, and especially the apparel, because it is of the highest caliber, incredibly robust, and able to survive even commercial-grade washing machines. It also maintains its form even after numerous items of washing.
  • If you shop wisely, this is one of the most affordable stores in town. I adore the layout and the range of available options. Knowing that I spent the majority of my life wearing Gap clothing and that my son is now growing up wearing the same brand gives me a unique feeling as I enter the store. This feeling is comforting, cozy, safe, and secure, and it makes me feel completely at home. This makes me feel emotional in a good way.


Return Procedure


  • returning the product to any Gap shop in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Getting the goods picked up from your delivery location in the UAE can be arranged by calling them at +97142156616. If the returned product is not defective, a collection fee equal to the original delivery amount will be charged.
  • delivering the product to GAP E-Comm, Al Tayer warehouse, Street No. 368/22, DM 75, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4. Unless they pre-authorize the price due to the faulty or improperly completed nature of the returned goods, shipping will be at your expense. Call them at +97142156616 if you need pre-authorization. Kindly be informed that any delivery fees for returning merchandise from locations outside the UAE will not be reimbursed.
  • You have the choice to exchange the product if you are sending it to a Gap location directly in the United Arab Emirates, depending on the availability of replacement items and pricing adjustments.


Exchange Procedure

Order exchanges can only be handled at Gap locations in the United Arab Emirates, where Gap always has enough inventory and, if necessary, can make price adjustments. Following the return procedure for all other products, a new order should be made for the replacements. Depending on their decision, they may only accept exchanges for discounted items that have been further discounted since the time of acquisition.


GAP UAE Promo Code
GAP UAE Promo Code


General Terms That Apply to All Exchanges and Returns

All products must be returned to them within thirty days of the customer’s order to be eligible for a refund or in-store swap:

  • completely resalable, undamaged, and unchanged. Shoes must be clean and free of any stains or other defects.
  • containing all quality and brand markings, labels, and directions that came with them, as well as in their entire packaging or cover. When offered, validity cards must be returned as well. Swimsuits and underwear must be worn with the appropriate hygienic cover still attached, and the accompanying order form must be included.
  • Be careful to keep the packaging for any products in good condition because, for instance, torn shoe boxes or unpackaged underwear can impede reselling and may prevent them from issuing a complete refund. At the time of collection, their representatives may request to examine returned goods, but this initial examination does not ensure that you will be eligible for a cash refund.
  • GAP is unable to accept returns for the following product types: cosmetics, items purchased from outside the UAE, items bought at Gap Outlet Stores, items bought at Gap Stores outside the United Arab Emirates, items not purchased through the site, and items purchased from other Al Tayer Group sites.
  • On-sale items can be returned or exchanged. Gifts may only be returned for a refund to the giver or replaced by the receiver. The aforementioned does not affect any return rights you might have for a faulty product.
  • Any credits you accumulate on a returned item will be deducted from your Amber account. When appropriate, credits will be accumulated on substitute products. So rather than receiving their original value back in Amber points, returning items that were paid for with those points will get an online credit for the site in the amount of the purchase price. Due to system requirements, guests who check out must first establish a website profile and submit their information to it in order to obtain an internet credit.
  • They reserve the right to monitor returns and refuse orders from customers with excessive return levels. Nothing in this Returns Section, however, is intended to limit your consumer rights under UAE law.


Refund Procedure

Except for items bought with Cash on Delivery, refunds will be issued by providing you with web points rather than the cash that can be used for further online shopping. The refund will be made using the same payment system as the purchase date.

Purchase orders paid for with bank cards will be reimbursed using the same bank card. Based on your card issuer, they ought to appear on your credit card within 3-5 business days. As soon as reimbursement is confirmed, online credits should be updated instantly.

Be aware that in cases where transactions were made with payment cards and internet credit, they will first return any Amber bonus points utilized, followed by any online credits that had been used, and then, to the degree that there’s any money still owing, they will refund the credit card used during the purchase.


Cancelation Procedure

To cancel or modify your order before it is listed as “processed” on their online ordering system, please get in touch with us at any time. If you do, they will do one of the following at your request:

  • You cancel it free of charge, and they
  •  give you a full refund; or
  • They will try their best to modify it, pending stock levels and any necessary price adjustments.

If the order has been completed, please wait for delivery and follow the return procedure. If you want to pay with cash on delivery but fail to provide the text confirmation request as required, they can cancel your order for the reasons outlined in the Purchases section above.


Policy for Shipping

  • For the time being, they only execute online orders through the website or site customer service center to destinations in the United Arab Emirates. The following list includes a range of order shipment options. In addition, as part of their ongoing effort to improve the consumer experience, they could add new delivery options across the board.
  • It will take 1-3 working days for delivery to Dubai locations, and shipping is FREE for orders over 250 AED; orders under 250 AED will cost you 19 AED.
  • For other locations in the UAE, it will take 2–4 working days for delivery, and you will get FREE shipping for orders above 250 AED. For orders under 250 AED, shipping will cost you 19 AED.
  • They maintain the ability to demand delivery confirmation fees if your order is not accepted at the location you provided on the scheduled date of delivery. Be aware that there is a free “Cash on Delivery” option.


Conditions for Click-and-Collect and Delivery in General

Shipping deadlines are simply estimates, even though they are fully responsible for meeting them. These timeframes are listed in your confirmation email and on their website. The clock begins to tick as the order is confirmed. But they will give you a complete refund if they don’t deliver your order within 30 days of the confirmation mail. For example, if you are unavailable to accept delivery of your order or request a delay, they are not liable if they failed to produce due to circumstances that were not reasonably within their authority.



  • The costs on the site are shown in AED and do not include any optional extras that you may want to add to your order, such as gift-wrapping, shipping costs, financial management charges, and any taxes or tariffs due. Before you complete your purchase, any such added expenses will be disclosed. Shipping fees, taxes, and tariffs are determined by the location you request that they ship to, the goods and services you purchase, and the delivery system you pick. For more information on our shipping alternatives, kindly go to that page.
  • Despite their best efforts, there could be inaccuracies in the rates that appear on the GAP UAE site and in their emails. If there is a mistake with your order:


If processing has already taken place, they reserve the right to:

  • the order, organize for the undervalued product to be picked up from the UAE location where you originally had the order delivered, and offer you a complete refund, such as the previous purchase delivery charges, taxes, financial management fees, and customs;
  • If the amount you pay is less than the product’s specific cost, honor the cost stated in your purchase; alternatively,
  • If you paid more than the true cost of the product, they will refund the difference.
  • has not yet been processed, then they will notify you as soon as possible and only process the order once you have confirmed you are happy to buy at the correct price, or otherwise cancel the order and refund your payment in full.


Promotional Offers

On occasion, they might conduct promotions on the site, and in those circumstances, particular terms of service will be applicable. Orders that have not been completely handled by you within the given timeframe may not be eligible for such discounts, which could be time-limited.

Except where otherwise noted, offers cannot be combined with other discounts, offers, or coupon codes. Without prior warning, they retain the right to alter or end any offer.


Contact Information 

  • Phone: +97142156616.
  • Email: via email at


Methods of payment

  • Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
  • Amber points or PayPal
  • Cash on Delivery.