It’s the most trusted brand that got many parents’ satisfaction across UAE with premium quality products. Hibobi focuses on delivering products that ensure children’s comfort & parents’ relief. It’s your number one stop for all mother & baby products.

They give attention to the comfort & health of your baby. You can add an advantage to your shopping experience by choosing one of Hibobi coupons offered by CouponGizer. The store has a mobile app to provide easy shopping for customers where you can use Hibobi discount code to get extra discounts.

Get a Wide Range Of Products!

Hibobi offers a wide variety of product categories that you need for your children’s care. They offer all maternity & children products for all ages. At Hibobi, you will find everything you need, so you don’t have to go anywhere else if you visit their online store. Using Hibobi discount codes will get discounts over all the website products.

You will find a variety of categories as:

  • Baby

This section contains newborn babies’ products up to two years old. This category includes dresses, sets, tops, leggings, pants & formal wear. You will also find baby supplies like bedding linens, health care, safety care & other feeding supplies. If you are a parent, you will get all these products at high discounts using CouponGizer Hibobi promo codes.

  • Toddler

This section will find different clothes options for kids from 2 to 6 years old for boys & girls. You will find a variety of sets, pants, tops, pyjamas & shoes. For girls, you will find sets, dresses, skirts, leggings & pants. You will also find different footwear options. Shop all these products at low-cost prices by using Hibobi coupons.

  • Kid

This section has separate options for boys & girls between 6 to 14 years old. You will find various options that will catch your eye & interest. Enjoy a significant advantage by shopping for all these products at cheap prices using Hibobi discount promo codes.

  • Moms

This section is primarily for the mother. There you will find a wide variety of nursing & maternity clothes. You will find attractive designs & a variety of options that you like. They ensure you have different clothes for all occasions & requirements. Be aware that Hibobi promo codes offered by CouponGizer will give you high discounts.

  • Matching Outfits

In this section, you will find different clothes for kids and parents that are identical & carry the same colours or patterns. These outfits are ideal for occasions like parties & gatherings. They are valuable, especially when you are taking a family photo. These matching outfits can be bought at cheap prices with Hibobi discount codes.

  • Accessories

This section contains a variety of kids’ accessories such as socks, bags, hats, & hair accessories. You will find different children’s accessories for all ages & genders at affordable prices. Hibobi discount codes are your ticket to get cheap offers.

  • Toys

Your kid’s shopping won’t be complete unless you get a variety of toys! At Hibobi, you will find a range of toys for learning or hobbies. You will find remote control models, educational toys, puzzles & more. As a parent, you will find the best toys for your kids for entertainment or learning. Apply Hibobi discount codes to get beneficial discounts.

How to get Hibobi Discount Code?

To get discount codes for Hibobi from CouponGizer, you have to follow these steps to get different discounts & offers that you can avail yourself of easily. These steps will lead you to the ideal discount code for you.

  • First, visit CouponGizer & search for Hibobi.
  • Once you reach the Hibobi discount page, choose your discount code by clicking on it.
  • Please copy the discount code & then paste it while shopping at Hibobi.

How To Use Hibobi Discount Code?

Using Hibobi discount codes isn’t a tricky thing. You have to get the Hibobi promo code first & then use it by following these steps to complete your purchase process.

  • First, log in to your Hibobi application or website.
  • Please select your desired items by adding them to the cart.
  • When checking out, apply the Hibobi code to get discounts.
  • The discount amount will appear on your cart to get a new total.
  • Choose your payment method to end the process.
  • That’s it! Enjoy saving!

Hibobi Return Policy

If you want to return any product to the store, you can do so within seven days of purchasing the product. However, there is a specific condition to return your product eligible. For example, you must not use it, it should be returned in original condition, & return should be returned within a week.

Why Choose Hibobi?

Hibobi has lots of offers when you shop online. They offer the highest quality products online or in the store at cheap prices, especially when using Hibobi codes. It also has many benefits that enable it to overgrow with UAE & globally.

  • You will find a large product line within the store & online to ease your shopping needs.
  • Enjoy free delivery overall order above AED299.
  • Offer a variety of discounts throughout the year.
  • Multiple payment methods, whether cash or via visa.

Shop the highest quality products in the market for your kids at reasonable prices. You can enjoy extra discounts by applying Hibobi Discount codes while shopping online. By following Hibobi mobile application & website, you will stay updated with the newest offers. They keep offering great deals & offers all over the year.

You can also get extra discounts by subscribing CouponGizer to get the latest Hibobi promo code & discount offers that will save you extra money! Enjoy it & use it wisely!


Hibobi UAE Coupon Code

Use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order. Depending on your preferences, Hibobi offers a broad selection of items in a variety of designs.

Products are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. There are also discounts and promotions where you can save money. The wait time for shipping is not particularly long, and the items are always delivered in good shape. If you purchase from Hibobi, it is completely worthwhile.


About Hibobi UAE

For you and your children, they offer a wide range of products. You can get whatever you need from this place. Infant essentials, toys, baby shoes, school supplies, and cosmetics are all part of their stylish, long-lasting, and pleasant apparel ranges. To brighten your day and the day of your adorable children, download either the application or the official website. Use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


Hibobi UAE Vision

Hibobi’s initial goal is to create products that were stylish, secure, cozy, and environmentally friendly. In keeping with the motto, they establish relationships with consumers with young children and infants at the early stages of their lives and follow them throughout every stage of development through a wide range of product categories.

Do not forget to apply the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


Why Should I Choose Hibobi UAE?


  • Habibi’s online shop offers original concepts like matching outfits. These outfits come with a mother, father, and child so that your entire family looks fantastic in the same chic and contemporary attire.


  • Mother’s Supplies, where you can find previously unseen maternity, nursing, and lingerie.


  • Hibobi sells baby things such as diapers, safety harnesses, baby carriers, bedding, nutrition, national healthcare items, and baby safety items.


  • There are also family looks and looks for daddy and me, and mommy and me.


  • Hibobi is the ideal location to visit if you’re looking for toys. You can find puzzle pieces, remote-control toys, learning opportunities for young children, parent-child interaction, art and hobbies, sports, and outdoor pursuits here.


  • Also available are children’s items, including bags, hair accessories, scarves, children’s watches, and a variety of other items, as well as adult accessories like belt buckles, jewelry, and spectacles.


  • To make your kids look good, dress them in formal attire for all of your happy occasions.


  • Clothing is offered in sizes ranging from 0 to 2 years for infants, 2 to 6 years for toddlers, and 6 to 14 years for children.


  • Use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


Hibobi UAE Online Store 

The international e-commerce site Hibobi provides parents who want their kids to seem fashionable and original with one of its original online shopping portals.

They also provide a discount on your order by using our Hibobi UAE Coupon Code since they want to ensure that you are satisfied with your order. The website was uniquely developed by Hibobi, making it easy and entertaining to browse their online store.


You can focus your search by using color, fabric, or season. Another interesting search function is to hunt for clothing based on the printed patterns on it.

For example, you may search for a flower, alphabet, animal, polka dot, or cartoon-themed outfit. Boys also have this choice; they may browse the sections for patterns, the alphabet, jeans, athletics, and more. Use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


Customer feedback for Hibobi UAE

  • Excellent client service, I must say. Even though two of the items I ordered were slightly out of size, they were still quite cute. I communicated with Rohanie and sent them an email about it. I thought it was quite nice that she responded quickly and sent out some smaller sizes right away (and even let me keep the bigger sizes). I’m extremely happy with the quality overall and will keep shopping here. Thanks, Rohanie


  • very inexpensive clothing They look like the cutest little family. The quality of the swimming suits is outstanding. I’m overjoyed with everything I bought. I adore how adorable and practical the packaging is. I can utilize packaging to make packing easier, and it keeps everything in its place.


  • I placed an order for a ridiculously adorable family set of swimsuits, but my local courier had a problem, so I didn’t get my package. When I contacted Hiboboi customer service, they were very accommodating and quickly fixed the problem at no further cost to me. I’ll most certainly keep placing orders from Hibobi and heartily recommend it.


  • Three out of the four orders I placed with Hibobi—four consecutive orders—arrived. After I emailed customer service about the shipment delay on the 4th, they responded in less than 24 hours and fixed the problem, as my package came yesterday. Amazing-quality clothing is available at very affordable prices. I adore this store and will keep ordering matching dresses for my daughter and family.


  • I adore shopping at Hibobi. The dress collections are of excellent quality and style. We receive numerous offers both daily and monthly. Particularly with the service staff, Gen helps with a variety of questions and has a pleasant demeanor when interacting with customers. Additionally, we have access to the system’s order tracking.


  • I’ve placed so many Hibobi orders, and I’ve never been let down! Not only are the products adorable, but they are also of excellent quality. Vill, a Hibobi customer service agent, was really helpful when I encountered problems with my account. He followed up and quickly fixed my problem! The service has earned me satisfaction.


  • I purchased some gorgeous baby bodysuits from; they are of excellent quality, priced very reasonably, and have a lovely aesthetic. There is a large selection of both clothing and home decor items; I will most definitely purchase from them again because I thought they were excellent. It takes about 15 to 20 days to ship, but it’s worth it.


  • I purchased some clothing so I could nurse. I cherished them. The clothing is of excellent quality. It significantly surpassed my expectations. Two of the parts, however, were the incorrect size. I sent Ms. Elaine an email, and she swiftly bailed me out, offered to keep the piazzas, apologized, and gave me a loan. I endorse both the store and customer support.


Delivery Fees

Hibobi UAE uses express delivery, if your order is over 149 AED, you will get free shipping, and if it is below 149 AED, you will be charged 30 AED. To deliver the order to you, it will take 10 to 15 working days. In Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman, Hibobi offers cash-on-delivery services to clients. For these nations, a $5 COD service fee applies. Do not forget to use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


Shipping Procedures

Use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


 For clients in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

There is support for both self-return and door-to-door pickup. In Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the pick-up cost of service is 30 SAR and 30 AED, respectively, and it will be subtracted from the sum reimbursed.

For clients in other nations

Only self-return options are available right now. Clients are requested to cover their shipping costs and select a logistics provider to pick up their returned goods.


Return Requirements

  1. You have 30 days to determine whether or not a product is right for you, or else you can return it to them within 7 days of receiving it.
  2. Underwear, nightwear, swimsuits, infant products, and accessories are the only items that cannot be returned or exchanged.
  3. For the goods to qualify for returns or exchanges, they must be unused, clean, undamaged, and unchanged.
  4. Without previously verifying with customer support, they cannot accept returned products that you send back on your own.
  5. Under the following conditions, they don’t issue refunds:


  • The supply chain cannot deliver because it cannot reach the receiver or because the user’s address is incorrect. The neighborhood logistics firm could trash the products.
  • When placing an order, kindly provide the accurate shipping address, phone number, and location. Make sure your phone can be reached so that the logistics business can deliver to you.


Refund Policy

When the return shipment is received in the store, they will execute your return request in five business days. 

PayPal transfers and Hibobi wallets are the two options for refunding cash on delivery orders. For the Hibobi wallet, the refund process takes 3-5 working days.

PayPal typically needs 5 to 10 working days to reimburse money to an account, although PayPal decides exactly when.

The payment bank receives the digital payment order reimbursement. Bank refunds typically take 7–15 business days to process. The bank card will determine the exact time.

Please get in touch with the bank if you don’t receive the return.

Note: Other payments will not be reimbursed; only the item’s price will be.

  1. If your order qualifies for a discount, the sale price will be the only one refunded for the returned products.
  2. The value of the Hibobi purse account can be taken from the next payment for purchases. The Hibobi purse refunds can only be applied to the bank used to complete the order; to verify this, sign in to the application. Your account and password should be kept secure.

Hibobi UAE Frequently Asked Questions


1- My purchase was canceled; why?

An unpaid purchase that is not paid for within 30 minutes will be immediately canceled; If there is a payment problem, your purchase will be canceled. Problem with your purchase: If they don't get in touch with you regarding the address issue, your request will be canceled; If they don't get in touch with you to confirm the purchase within 5 days after you place it, your COD order will be canceled; When all the goods are no longer in stock, the order will be canceled. Please pay attention to Hibobi UAE's messages and calls to avoid having your COD purchase canceled.

2- How do I go about changing the mailing address?

If you would like to change your default address, go to Account > My Address. Order preparation: Independent editing is not possible. Please get in touch with us if you need help. Orders that have been shipped: The shipping address cannot be changed.



Payment Methods


  • Cash on delivery: Cash on delivery is an option provided by Hibobi that enables you to pay for your purchase as soon as you receive it. Only Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman provide this service. Be aware that for customer care to call you to confirm your order, you must supply the right cellphone number when placing your request.


  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, Master Card, and American Express): Be aware that when you submit a payment, Hibobi doesn’t record your credit or debit card details or other personal data. Please contact the bank that issued your card if you have any inquiries about your purchases on their site.


  • PayPal: When you use PayPal to purchase something, you will be taken to a website where you may verify your purchase by entering your PayPal account and password. With or without a Paypal account, you can still complete your purchase. If you choose to do this, click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card,” and you’ll be taken to a secure website where you can input your credit card details or finish your transaction securely using PayPal.
  • JCB and Tamara.
  • Use the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.


For any further inquiries, please contact Hibobi UAE at:

  • E-mail:
  • Live chat is available on the Hibobi UAE website.
  • To receive hot deals and great offers, follow Hibobi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Do not forget to apply the Hibobi UAE coupon code to receive discounts on your order.

Hibobi UAE is your go-to website for online shopping for children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories when your baby and kids’ clothes are too boring and old. In addition, CouponGizer get all Hibobi users a 15% off when they order online in UAE with Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE (NBF249)! So, do not miss the offer; order now, and save yourself from the baby and children’s shopping rush. 

Shop For Your Baby& Save For Yourself

  • Spot The Cutest Baby Clothing 

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for baby clothes. Shop at Hibobi UAE or browse online for on-trend styles to add to your baby’s clothing collection. You can search for baby boy or girl clothing or filter by age to find clothing for a newborn. 


Dress your baby in adorable onesies for their first photos. Do you need suggestions for a cute baby outfit, you can find them all from A to Z at Hibobi UAE. In addition, you can take advantage of money-saving options (15% off) by ordering online using Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE (NBF249) from CouponGizer. 


  • Stylish Kids Outfits 

Do you need recommendations for a grown-up child? Find soft and colorful outfits your children will enjoy wearing to parties, play dates, and other events with Hibobi UAE. Hibobi offers kids t-shirts, shorts, pants, PJs, leggings, joggers, and jackets to keep them feeling comfortable and looking cute for back-to-school or special occasions and holidays. 


Children like to move around and play, so their clothing should be soft, stretchy, and well-made to keep up with their active lifestyles. Hibobi offers active wear and hoodies to keep them warm while they run, jog, or play. Moreover, CouponGizer has a discount code that enables you to order kid’s clothing with 15% off, a Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE (NBF249).


  • Shop Awesome Toddler Clothing

Hibobi UAE offers high-quality and the most recent fashion products for toddlers, as well as accurate and timely delivery service at the lowest possible cost; you’ll save more by ordering online using the CouponGizer Hibobi discount (NBF249). Hibobi offers unique clothes for toddlers. 


T-shirts, shorts, comfortable hoodies, pants, and all clothing related to toddlers are available with Hibobi UAE! Their distinctive toddler styles come in sizes ranging from 6 months to 3 years. Do you require toddler sizes ranging from 12 months to 2 years? Browse the Hibobi Toddler Clothes collection now.


  • Various Collection Of Kid’s Shoes& Accessories 

Thanks to Hibobi’s selection of kids’ shoes and accessories, finding children’s footwear and accessories have never been hard. Don’t waste your time finding the best shoe for your kid, as you can order every type of shoe from Hibobi first walkers and toddlers to growing children.


School shoes, sneakers, sandals, and slippers in every style imaginable, all at kid-friendly prices, are available in Hibobi, UAE. In addition, you can order online with 15% off thanks to CouponGizer Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE (NBF249). What are you waiting for?


  • Treat Your Child To His Favorite Cartoon

Is your child a big fan or viewer of a particular cartoon character? Is he obsessed with imitating the appearance of his favorite cartoon character? If so, keep him wearing clothes printed with his fav character by purchasing from hibobi UAE. They have all the cartoon characters a kid wants. Furthermore, Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE (NBF249) from CouponGizer can be used to get 15% off in the UAE.

Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE
Hibobi Coupon Deals UAE


Treat Your Baby Without Harming Your Wallet With CouponGizer

  • Various Sets Of Baby Clothing 

Sets, pajamas, onesies, dresses, shoes, accessories, and everything a baby could need from their outfit will be found at Hibobi online shop at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the best kids’ clothing, go simple to hibobi; there’s no need to go to the shopping center and waste your precious time and money.


Moreover, kids’ sizes change regularly in a short time, so you spend a lot of money buying them clothes. So with CouponGizer hibobi online coupons, you will save much of the clothes money you may spend, order now and use the Hibobi Coupon Codes (BKC37) to receive 15% off.


  • One Stop Toddler Online Shop

Shopping for toddler boys and girls’ clothing at Hibobi is enjoyable, simple, and inexpensive. Get toddler fashion essentials like jeans, dresses, t-shirts, pajamas, and school uniforms. Discover new arrivals for toddler girls and boys, including warm coats and jackets, classic sweaters, and pants and leggings. 


Their unique toddler styles are available in sizes ranging from 6 Months to 3 years. Do you need toddler sizes 12 months to 2 years? Browse the Hibobi Toddler Clothes collection now and save 15% off when you order online using the Hibobi Coupon Codes (BKC37) from CouponGizer.


  • Awesome Kids Clothes

Hibobi UAE has cute and affordable Kids’ clothes, as well as fashion trends and clothing basics. Prepare for the back-to-school season by stocking up on their favorites, such as girls’ jeans and dresses, as well as boy’s school uniform staples, such as polo shirts and uniform hoodies or pants.


Discover new arrivals for kids to keep them warm in colder weather, including winter jackets and coats, sweaters, and cardigans. Kids’ favorite styles are available in various extended sizes, including slim and plus-size clothing. In addition, you will order all you need and save money by ordering online using the Hibobi Coupon Codes (BKC37) from CouponGizer.


  • Pamper Your Kid With The Character He Loves

Are you kid a big fan or viewer of a cartoon character? Does he spend a lot of time trying to be the look of his fav cartoon role model? If so, keep him in touch with it by buying clothes from hibobi with the print he loves with ease and comfort. Moreover, you can order them with 15% off in UAE using Hibobi Coupon Codes (BKC37) from CouponGizer.


  • Biggest Online Selection Of Kid’s Shoes

Buy Kid’s shoes from the Hibobi UAE collection and benefit from a large selection that includes everything you need at very low prices that are within your budget. As Hibobi UAE has everything you need, there are various models of kids’ shoes in terms of colors and sizes.


Hibobi UAE offers comfortable new shoes for your child at a very special price. You can also get a 15% discount when you order online with the Hibobi Coupon Codes (BKC37) from CouponGizzer.

hibobi uae coupon code
hibobi uae coupon code

How To Get The Hibobi UAE Coupon Deals?

  • It is straightforward and doesn’t need lots of steps.
  • First, Go to CouponGizzer and search for Hibobi UAE Discount Codes.
  • You will be moved automatically to Hibobi UAE Page, and you will have a variety of Hibobi Promo codes and discounts that you can choose from.
  • Choose what suits you from the codes according to your purchase.
  • Click on “Show Code” To copy the code.
  • Go and choose all the items you need from the shopping page and put them on The cart.
  • You will find the coupon box in the checking-out process.
  • Apply the copied Hibobi UAE Online Coupons (NBF249) and enjoy the 15% savings.