What’s Available At Nice One UAE?

Nice One will make sure that you get all your needs. You will find its products divided into different categories to ease your shopping & browsing. Each category carries a wide variety of products for all your choices. All these products come from leading brands & reliable marks, so there’s no doubt of their quality or authority.

The best of all is that you can reduce your payment by using CouponGizer’s Nice One coupon code & offers in the UAE. Here are some of the categories available on the site:


  • Makeup

Nice One offers a wide variety of makeup & cosmetic products for lips, eyes, eyebrows, face &cheeks. Also, you will find accessories like brushes, removers, highlighters & other tools. These top brands are Maybelline, Sephora, Revlon, Huda Beauty, L’Oréal Paris, Rimmel London, & others. You will purchase these products at reduced prices using the Nice One coupon code at checkout!


  • Perfumes

This section contains a wide variety of perfumes for women & men as oud, musk, unisex, niche perfumes, body perfumes, travel size sets & gift sets. The top brands in this section are Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Korloff & others. You will find all these products & more online on Nice One by using the Nice One coupon code.


  • Body Care

You will find a great variety of products in this category that includes face masks, Sanitizers, hair care essentials, foot care ware, mouth care supplies, & other women products and sunscreens. There you will find leading brands like Nubian Heritage, OZ Naturals, Aztec, Nature Republic & other names. Get these products at low prices by applying the Nice One coupon by CouponGizer.


  • Lenses

If you are looking for high-quality lenses, Nice One has one of the most expansive collections of genuine products. You will find different sections of extended wear lenses, soft lenses, disposal lenses & others available.

All the featured brands in this section come from well-known brands such as Lens Me, Anesthesia, Beauteous, Naturel Lenses, Diva, My Lens, & many more. By using Nice One coupons offered by CouponGizer, you will get the top quality lenses & save a lot!


  • Nails Care

In Nice One, you will find lots of products & accessories that are essential to keep your nails attractive & healthy. You will find many nail care essentials, nail polish, polishing tools, removers & other clipping tools.

You will find these products from common brands such as Forever52, Revlon, Lyal, Mavala, Azura, Topface, & others. Enjoy all these products at attractive prices using CouponGizer’s Nice One promo code.


  • Electronics

In this category, you will find products like power banks, chargers, covers, headphones, screen protectors, speakers, earphones & more. Like the other categories, you will find the top products in this section as Zendure, Samsung, Anker, JBL, SBS, Belkin, Naztech & more. You don’t want to miss any discounts available by using the Nice One coupon code for any online order over the website or the mobile app!


  • Devices

There are complete devices to maintain your fabulous look & beauty. You will find hair devices, body devices, facial devices & other devices for both men and women from top brands such as Starex, Rebune, Sonata, Sakura, Jose Eber, & more. Also, fitness kits are available online. So, don’t miss the great discounts by using the Nice One coupon code offered by CouponGizer.

Nice One’s Unique Features

Nice One can bring all UAE residents excellent benefits while buying makeup & self-care products. The best among these benefits is the always opportunity to save your money by using the Nice One coupon code from CouponGizer. here are some of the essential benefits & features that you will enjoy only with Nice One:


  • Online Tracking

Online tracking isn’t an easy thing, especially with overseas shipping. However, this is not the case with Nice One. They have perfect tracking for your online orders to ensure that you don’t miss the package transit. Stay calm knowing that Nice One is taking care of you.


  • Daily Offers

Nice One has a unique feature called “Daily feature” you will find the daily products will be featured. You don’t want to miss getting all your favorite products at low prices, as you can do so by using CouponGizer’s Nice One discount coupons.


  • Favorite

On a website that contains a ton of products, it’s hard to find all the exact products you need. However, you can favorite it & it will be saved for you till the next purchase. This bar is your perfect option; if you want to recommend any product, you can screenshot it & you will be done.

Top Brands At Nice One UAE

These are some of the top brands that you can find in Nice One stores & you can buy by using Nice One coupons.

  • Dior.
  • Lacoste.
  • Tom Ford.
  • Ray-Ban.
  • Elf.
  • Dunhill.
  • Chloe.

How To Get Valid Nice One Code to Use?

You can maximize your shopping benefits with Nice One & get huge discounts on all your purchases. All you need to do to get valid Nice One coupons & discount codes to get reduced prices is follow the following steps. By following these simple steps, you will get discounted coupons. Here’s what your needs:

  1. Visit CouponGizer & search for Nice One coupon code
  2. After opening the Nice One coupon page, select your favorite offer & click “Show Coupon.”
  3. Copy the coupon code & click go to the store page to reach the main Nice One’s website.
  4. You can use the Nice One coupon while shopping through the mobile application.

How To Use Nice One Coupon Code?

After acquiring the Nice One UAE coupons, you are almost guaranteed to get huge savings on your online shopping. While checking out, use these nice one coupon code to reduce the total price of your order; follow these easy steps

  1. Visit the CouponGizer site or open the mobile application.
  2. Select your favorite products by adding them to the cart.
  3. At checking out, enter the Nice One promo codes in the empty coupon box.
  4. You will see the updated discounts after applying the code.
  5. Add your shipping address (where you want to deliver your order)
  6. Select your required payment method.
  7. Enjoy your savings!

Extra Savings With Nice One Shopping

We all know that quality makeup comes at high & costly prices. You will find tons of products that you will pay for. However, not all can afford these expensive products! Thus, with CouponGizer’s huge Nice One coupons, you will enjoy excellent prices for your purchase.

All you have to do is apply the Nice One promo code while checking out to get immediate discounts. CouponGizer’s Nice One discount code offers & deals are your best way to start saving lots of money; use it Now!

Nice One UAE Delivery Policy

Nice One is your perfect place for all makeup products within the UAE. With our speedy delivery, you will enjoy free delivery for above AED 299. You will get all your products delivered within ten days if you live outside UAE & less if you live inside it.

Nice One UAE Payment Methods

Nice One accepts various payment methods for all UAE customers’ ease. All these methods are 100% well-secured to use. Here are their accepted payment methods.

  • Apple Pay.
  • Debit Card, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)

Don’t miss CouponGizer’s Nice One coupons while paying to enjoy amazing discounts.

Nice One Return & Refund Policy

Nice One UAE accepts only damaged products for return. You won’t be able to return any item if it doesn’t fit you or you don’t like it. Also, a replacement can be made for damaged products.


The Greatest Makeup In Town= Nice One 

Although makeup trends come and go, some items remain popular over time. We all have cosmetic bag essentials that we keep returning to, whether it’s our inexpensive go-to mascara, a creamy blush, or a bright foundation. The Nice One is updated with the best and favorite cosmetics. There are brow pencils that mimic broader arches, pore-minimizing primers, and many other outstanding products.


 Shop the best of the best makeup online through the Nice One website to have the finest online makeup brands. In addition, you can use the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer when you checkout to enjoy a big discount!



The first step in applying makeup is priming, which will smooth out wrinkles and fine lines before foundation application. For novices, we choose Maybelline Master Prime because it’s great for all skin types and daily use. Visit Nice One for more primer products and choose your fav and receive it with a discount when ordering using the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer.


Foundation And Concealer

Applying your foundation comes after applying your primer. For those just starting, you can find many suggestions at the Nice One, which offers complete coverage and a natural-looking finish. Use the micro-end of your Concealer, such as the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot, to address any blemishes after applying your CC Cream. 


Foundation and Concealer are the A&B of any good makeup so having them is a must. Grab them from the number one makeup brands now through the Nice One website, and don’t worry about paying a lot, as you can save money when ordering by applying the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer.



Purchase a makeup brush kit to have everything you require, making your life easier. Although the brushes offered online at the Nice One website are a particular favorite. There is a wide selection of brush sets for less money at the Nice One, and when you order online by applying the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer, you’ll get great savings.


Eye Makeup 

Your eyebrows are one of the most crucial facial characteristics. Not everyone has perfectly arched brows, but it doesn’t mean you can’t. At Nice one, there are many eye makeup to define and fill in any sparse areas of the brows. Next, there are powders to color your brows and fill in any remaining gaps.


Finally, Nice One offers Mascaras that will hold your brows in place once you’ve finished shaping them. Whatever your eye makeup needs can be founded online at the Nice One; pick yours and apply the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer to save money.


Lip Balm& Lip Stick

Just as you would while preparing the rest of your face, a strong base is essential when aiming for a bold lip. Cocoa Butter is what you can use to get the best skin look for nature glam. The Mac Pro Lip Palettes that feature six color options in one are another favorite for a touch of color.


 The vegan and cruelty-free lipstick brands, which are relatively affordable, can be your favorite. However, all brands and types of lipsticks are shown online at the Nice One UAE. Pick yours now and apply the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer to save money.


Liquid Foundation Type

It’s time to apply foundation to get a beautiful, even complexion now that your canvas is prepared. Use a foundation with medium to buildable coverage that you can use for a natural, everyday finish and a full-coverage appearance as a novice. Here is a Complete Foundation Cosmetic brand offered at the Nice One website.



Blushes, another essential beauty item, bring color back to your face. Your face may appear flat and uninteresting once applied base makeup is done. Your skin will look flushed and more attractive when you apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Never before tried this cosmetics product? No need to panic; Nice One has covered you with different types. 


Nice One advises purchasing a blush palette when building a specialized cosmetic kit so you may experiment with various hues and combine various colors to produce a truly distinctive tint that enhances your features. Order the blushing type you want from Nice One and apply the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer to enjoy savings.



Utilizing a contour to cast shadows and define your facial features is the stage for adding depth and character to your face. For novices, contour sticks are necessary since they give you more control over how much makeup you put on your face. Creamy contour sticks are ideal for achieving delicate and understated makeup looks because they are very simple to mix.


 Read through the step-by-step makeup tutorial on contouring to learn how to do it for various face shapes. Whatever contour brands are various, and at the Nice One website, you will find all of them with a big money reduction; how? By ordering, apply the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer.



This beauty item is necessary for your makeup kit, even if you are a novice. Highlighters can help you improve your makeup game whether you want a natural look or desire to go all out. 

The Different Ways Of Using Highlighter will help you make the most of this inexpensive makeup item, whether you want to add some liquid highlighter to your foundation for a gorgeous glow from within or add some blinding lights with a powder highlighter.


 Highlighters offered online at The Nice One Website are under discount now when ordering using the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer.



No matter what makeup look you want to showcase, mascaras are a sometimes overlooked beauty tool ideal in your makeup bag. Without mascara, every eye makeup look is lacking, whether for long, voluminous lashes that resemble falsies or soft, fluttery lashes for everyday wear. 


Take your time studying How To Apply Mascara to avoid clumpy, spidery lashes. Then order the One that best fits your lashes with a discount from The Nice One UAE; how? When ordering using the Nice One Coupon Code offered by CouponGizer.


Nice one, UAE Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Nice One online store features?

This online store is one of the top online stores in the United Arab Emirates, as it has been called the planet of personal care products & cosmetics. The Nice one has many years of experience in this industry and has gained its customers' satisfaction and real trust. All the provided products are 100% original and genuine, as they come from global brands. With the help of CouponGizer's Nice One discount codes, you can buy all your needs while saving big. In addition, you will find many different payment methods to choose from. With the help of their punctual customer service, all your needs will be fulfilled. In case of any return or exchange service needs, do not worry; you can do so easily with the Nice One service.

What are Nice One different payment methods?

The Nice one online store offers you a variety of safe & convenient payment methods that you can easily pay with, such as Visa Card, MasterCard, Mada, and Tamara, and pay with cash on delivery if this is what you want. In addition, you can enjoy extra discounts on your order with the help of CouponGizer discount codes that will give your extra discounts on your order value.

When can I get my order delivered to Nice One stores?

When you order any purchase with Nice One online stores, your order will arrive within 2 to 7 working days, according to your current location in the UAE. If you are not available now, you can contact the shipping courier & ask for another appointment.

Can I get free shipping over any Nice One orders?

No, currently, at this moment, you cannot get a free shipping service, as Nice One does not offer a free shipping service now.

What is the Nice one delivery Cost?

The shipping cost of Nice One orders can be estimated according to many things, such as the order amount, the product number, the city where you live & the shipping location.

Can I track My Nice One orders easily in UAE?

What is the return & exchange policy of the Nice One stores?

This online store can return your purchased order or exchange it in some cases only as the following. If your order is in its original case with all the packaging & tags, you will be able to return it. It would help if you asked for any return or exchange request within seven days of delivery. After your return order request is approved, you will get your refund back easily in the same payment method you have paid with.

How long do I have to be able to return my order?

The Nice One store in UAE permits customers to return or exchange any product within seven days of the delivery date.

How Can I Get My Nice One refund?

Once the Nice One customer service receives your return request & checks it, if approved, you will get your refund back to your bank account easily or to your electronic wallet if you paid with a credit card. While if you paid with cash on delivery, your cash refund will be turned into a balance inside your account wallet.

Can I contact Nice One customer service easily?

Yes, when you get in touch with the Nice One online customer service team, you will enjoy a matchless online shopping experience. The following methods will help you communicate easily with Nice One's customer service. For instance, you can contact them through email at cs@niceoneuae.com, over the phone number 00920033385, or through the help center.

What is the purchasing & shopping procedure of the Nice One store?

First of all, you need to visit the CouponGizer website & search for the latest offers and discounts. Then search via the search bar for the Nice One online store in UAE. Once you reach the page, you can choose the suitable discount code that suits your needs. Once you click on the discount code to copy it, you will be directed to the official Nice One online store. You can now choose the products that you want to purchase & add them to your shopping bag. When you press on view my cart, you will see all the products you have got! Finally, in the promotion box, you can paste the copied discount code you have copied from CouponGizer before payment & insert your shipping details and choose the payment options! That is it; enjoy saving big with CouponGizer at checkout.

Does Nice One offer Ramadan Sale?

Yes, Nice One offers all its customers the greatest discount codes during this holy month. You will find here so many Ramadan health & beauty products along with others such as baby and mom essentials, accessories, fitness kits, and more. Shop all your needs among a variety of products while using CouponGizer discount codes that will give you extra discounts on all the available categories, not limited ones. Save big while shopping for all your Ramadan needs & celebrate this holy month as you should.

What are The Nice One return & payment policies?

If you feel that you are not satisfied with your current Nice One order, you can return or exchange the product easily. All you have to do is get in touch with the customer care service number & ask for the return process. All the available payment options are simple and easy, especially if you pay online; this store accepts all local & international payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Mada, and more. If you change your mind about this order, you can easily cancel it by calling one of the customer support team members.