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Customer Feedback on FirstCry KSA

Use FirstCry KSA coupons to get discounts on your order.

  • I have ordered from this site a couple of times. So far, transactions have been smooth and goods have been received on time. easy to reach in case of a concern as well. Even the app is quite user-friendly. I’d like to see them have more ties.
  • The time taken for delivery is literally unbelievable; they delivered milk for my baby around 2 hours after I ordered, plus the price is competitive too.
  • Superb apps, wonderful services, nice offers, and branded stuff at your doorstep Even the return exchange policy is very good. 100% satisfied. excellent customer service. Keep up the good work.
  • Delivery timelines are immediate. Returns and refunds are swift. And the product range is also great. Overall, I had a good experience.
  • Fastest delivery and returns I am more than satisfied with their service. I hope they add more quality brands to the platform.
  • our go-to place for anything baby-related. It has everything that you need, be it a toy or information for smarter parenting.
  • Amazing website, with many filters, a great collection of products, free, fastest delivery, and the easiest returns and refunds I have ever seen! One of my favorite websites.
  • I love their delivery; sometimes they deliver it the same day, even though it says next-day delivery. Their customer support is also great. Very helpful. The only complaint is about the restocking of certain items. They don’t restock certain items.
  • My favorite shopping app in Dubai right now!Best prices, amazing cashback, and delivery in a few hours—how cool!
  • amazing app for parents. Have the products been diced into sub-sections, which makes it so much easier? Whatever I wanted, I could find with a simple search or by easily navigating to the menu. The character section is so cool, which I haven’t seen in any other apps.


New FirstCry KSA Corners

Use FirstCry KSA coupons to get discounts on your order.

  • Beauty Corner 

Take a look at firstcry’s beauty area. They have a huge selection of items from your favorite brands, including 21st Century, 7th Heaven, AB CREW, Acqua Di Parma, Annemarie Borlind, Pothecary, and more, including body care, feminine cleanliness and or personal care, hair care, and accessories, wellness and nutrition, and much more.

  •  Moms’ Corner 

There is a tonne of knowledge available about what new mothers need and do not need. Your needs are met by FirstCry at one location. FirstCry has compiled a list of the top resources that any parent on the go should always have handy to help with the journey from busy mom to perfect mother.

Shipping Policy

  • Depending on the weight of the entire purchase, shipping charges apply to all purchases at all sites. The choice between shipping by land or by air will be made according to the weight of the purchase. Reputable couriers provide service to all places; however, the time it takes to deliver a purchase will vary depending on the mode of conveyance.
  • Before the shipment is delivered to their warehouse, their carriers will make three attempts to deliver it. Please include your cell phone number in the correct address to facilitate faster delivery. At any moment, even during delivery, Firstcry KSA or its shipping providers reserve the right to request identification or proof of your preferred payment method from you. They are entitled to refuse shipment and order cancellation if any data you provide cannot be independently verified or authenticated.

Tracking Order

You will receive a message at your confirmed email address with the name of the delivery service and the tracking number for your package. If 24 hours have passed since you placed an order and you have not received a message from them, kindly verify your spam folder. Simply wait while your delivery is scanned by the delivery service, as tracking occasionally takes up to another 24 hours to update online.


Return Policy

The order confirmation for which you want to submit a return request can be found on the Purchase Information page. When an item is displayed next to it, select the Return button. provide the necessary information and submit the demand. The shipment will be picked up by FirstCry KSA delivery personnel from your home. In the area titled “Manage Returns,” you can see the progress of your return request. When the item is delivered to their plant, Fristcry KSA will do a quality inspection. If their high-caliber team approves it, they will start the refund procedure.


Be aware that some of the items in the aforementioned table may or may not be returnable, depending on the conditions given above for each item. All goods must be returned following the terms stated on the product or bundle page. To receive a refund, send your item back in its unused, original box with all of the included parts. Please ensure the merchandise is packaged correctly before returning it.


Please understand that FirstCry will not be held responsible for any loss, breakage, or robbery resulting from the delivery of an incorrect item to their delivery service provider, whether during transportation or otherwise. The coupon code or promotion will no longer be valid on the purchase if any of the genuine products that were included in it are refunded. Additionally, the refund will not cover the value of the voucher or offer. When a product is exchanged as part of a free promotion, all connected items must also be returned because they were all bought as a package.

Refund Policy

Once the return collection is finished, the refund process will begin. Once the quality control is finished at their facilities, the reimbursement will be made available for use. The method of refund may vary depending on the payment method used when the purchase was made.


Your FirstCry Cash Refund Accounts will initially receive credit for the full amount you spent on the purchase through all other payment methods besides loyalty cash. Be aware that the shipments, cross-border fees, and cash-on-delivery fees are not changeable. Once the refund money has been deposited into your FirstCry Percent Return Account, you can purchase a substitute, purchase a new item, or even have the money reimbursed back to your profile.


 Please take the following actions to have the cash refund sent to your savings account:

  • Visit the Cash Refund section of the Cash in My Account menu.
  • Select “Refund Amount Back to Me” from the menu.
  • Click the on-screen instructions to send the request.

 They will reimburse the money to the checking account of your choice if the payment method was Cash on Delivery. When processing refunds, the bank information will be collected. Make sure all of your information is accurate before submitting it. The validity of a bank account number is not guaranteed by FirstCry KSA, and the company is not liable for money sent to the wrong person.


Your loyalty cash account will be credited with any loyalty cash that was used to make the purchase and debited for any loyalty currency you receive on the item. If a gift voucher was used to make the purchase, the gift voucher will receive credit for the amount.


After refunding your money, FirstCry KSA reserves the right to withhold the appropriate amount from your FirstCry KSA Full Refund or loyalty cash account, based on how you paid for the purchase, in circumstances where the product is not returned or passes firstcry’s quality inspection.


Cancelation Policy

Before the product inside the purchase is sent, you can cancel your order online. The appropriate refund for the canceled purchase will be added to your FirstCry Cash Wallet, where it can be used to make future purchases with them or sent to the appropriate checking account, credit card, or wallet by logging into your FirstCry KSA Account. You won’t be able to cancel the purchase after even one thing has been dispatched from it. Order levels cannot be canceled if the purchase includes products like gift certificates.


Product Cancellation

Before the shipment of the order’s contents, you can cancel the merchandise online. The appropriate refund for the returned item will be deposited into your FirstCry Cash Wallet, which you can then use to make future purchases from them or send to the appropriate bank account, credit card, or wallet by logging into your FirstCry Account.


You won’t be able to return a specific product if it has already been dispatched. Cancellations won’t be accepted for items like gift certificates and gift wraps. Gift wrapping would be immediately canceled with the rejection of the last item in the purchase. If a user buys an item and then cancels the basket deal or any additional discounted offer, all of the things they bought using the same cart offer will also be canceled. If one of the items ordered through a particular cart deal or any other discounted offer within the order is shipped to the customer, cancellation of the products included in that cart deal will not be possible.


Shipment Cancellation

If you change your mind after the products in your order have been dispatched, you can do so online.The appropriate refund for the canceled order will be added to your FirstCry Cash Wallet, where it can be used to make future purchases from us or transferred to the appropriate bank account or credit card by logging into your FirstCry Account.


You won’t be able to return a single product if it has already been dispatched, because doing so would result in the cancellation of the entire shipment or package. If a user attempts to cancel an item that has been dispatched, other items that are components of the same delivery or package will also be canceled.

If the package is ready to be delivered, cancellation won’t be possible for all of the individual products that make up that shipment or package.


Combo Cancellation

By clicking the “Cancel” link next to a certain combo on the purchase summary page, you can withdraw the combo online. The appropriate reimbursement for the canceled combo will be added to your FirstCry Cash Wallet, where it can be used to make future purchases with them or moved to the appropriate bank account, or wallet by signing into your FirstCry Account. If a portion of the combo is canceled, the full combo will also be canceled. Partially canceling orders at the product level is not appropriate and won’t be permitted.


In some cases, they can be forced to cancel an order because it is not possible for them to approve and finish it. Limitations on the number of items that can be ordered, inconsistencies or mistakes in the data provided about the products or their prices, or issues found by the department responsible for preventing fraud are a few examples of situations that could lead to the cancellation of your order.


Any order may be refused or canceled by them for any reason at their discretion. The customer will be unable to start a request for the other products that are a part of that combination if one of the products in the purchase that is a component of that combo is canceled due to the aforementioned circumstances.


Privacy Policy

You expressly confirm that you reviewed, agreed with, and accept to be bound by all the details of this privacy policy, as well as the terms and conditions governing the use of their website and that you have done so by accessing or using it, or by providing them with your data.


Information Gathered and Used, as well as the Different Types of Information


  • Individually identifying information

Data that can be used to identify a particular end user is referred to as “personal information.”

They may request your private details when you perform certain actions on the site, such as registering for an account, purchasing a good or service from them, posting content to online forums, completing surveys, publishing reviews, or asking for details about their services.


If you choose to participate in an identity activity, they may ask you for personal information such as your first and last names, a picture, an email address, a mobile phone number, your date of birth, your age, and the name of your child. Additionally, they might need your payment card number, expiration date, authentication codes, and other details when you purchase goods. 


Some of the data they ask you for will be recognized as required, and some will be marked as optional based on the action. You will not be able to participate in a certain action if you do not supply the required information.

  • Unidentified Personal Information

The term “non-personally identifiable information” refers to data that cannot be used to pinpoint a defined end user. This type of data might include items like the “URL” of the site you viewed before arriving at their site, the “URL” of the site you browsed after exiting this website, the kind of computer you’re using, and your IP address.

Updating Information

The personal information you give them will be accessible to you and editable. By logging in using your login details and password, you can view your account and modify any of your personal information. If your data information changes, please notify FirstCry KSA right away.

Data Tracking

  • Cookies

Your browser saves a few data points called “cookies” to the hard drive of your machine. The usage of cookies on the Internet is extremely common, and their website uses them in a way that is comparable to other trustworthy online businesses. You can personalize your visit to the website by using cookies. They track and track user preferences, recognize you to save time when using the site, and recognize you to provide a more personalized experience. 


Cookies also provide them with the ability to gather non-personally identifiable data about you, such as the websites you view and the items you click on. Utilizing this data enables us to improve the user experience for all visitors. They could also use 3rd Party Ad Agencies to display advertisements on their website. Even though the majority of browsers allow cookies by default, you might be able to change your address bar options to reject cookies. Third parties may use cookies without their knowledge or consent. You can configure your device to receive a notification when a website tries to send you cookies and to prevent all cookies while on their site. If you disable cookies, you won’t be able to make purchases on FirstCry; instead, you’ll just be able to browse and conduct research.


They can trace prior sites that the users, as well as other IP addresses, have visited, along with the search keywords that visitors have typed in, via the use of cookies. Cookies are never saved in a way that allows specific visitors to be recognized; instead, they are used solely for the data analysis of traffic patterns for the enhancement of their website.


They are not used to collect personal information about you in this way.No personal information about you is disclosed in conjunction with the analytical data that is gathered as a result of cookies when it is shared with their third-party providers.

  • Other Tracking Devices

They may use additive manufacturing technology or authorize authorized Third-Party Service Partners to track how you use the sites and offers on their website. They can tell if you’ve taken a particular action by using pixel tags and web beacons, which are tiny actual pictures that are embedded in emails and on different pages of this website. 


Pixel tags and web beacons provide a non-personally identifying notice when you view certain sites or click an email. Pixel tags give us a method to gauge the volume of visitors to their website and their behavior there, as well as a tool to assess the success of our marketing campaigns. For the same goals, we might also make use of web beacons and pixel tags that are offered by their partners, associates, and/or affiliates.

 Information Security

 To ensure that personal information is secure, they take the necessary safeguards. They follow industry-accepted data collection, storage, and handling standards, as well as security procedures, to protect your personal information, login, account, transaction details, and data on their site from unauthorized users, modification, exposure, or loss. 


Through your username and password, you can view your personal information on their website. Your personal information might well be moved to, handled, and stored in a country or territory without suitable data security laws and rules.


Your consent to this transmission, keeping, or use is implied by your use of the website and your submission to it of your personal information. FirstCry works hard to keep your personal information private and secure from unauthorized access, modification, release, or deletion. Your personally identifiable information is secure when it is delivered to them via Secure Socket Layer technology, which they use to protect sensitive data.

If Firstcry discloses your data to other parties, it will be done so following a confidentiality clause that, among other things, forbids third parties from using it for any other purposes besides those listed in this privacy statement. However, FirstCry disclaims any liability for security breaches or actions taken by third parties with access to Your data. Because you gave your details to a third party, FirstCry isn’t responsible for any harm or loss you might have suffered.


They divulge information when they think doing so is necessary to abide by the law, uphold the conditions of their other agreements, or execute or administer their terms of use. To prevent fraud and lower credit risk, information is shared with other businesses and organizations. 


However, this does not include violating the obligations outlined in this privacy policy by selling, renting, distributing, or in any other way revealing personally identifiable information from consumers for commercial purposes. It is impossible to guarantee that any data transfer via the Internet is 100 percent secure. You send them any data at your own risk because they are unable to guarantee or warrant its security.


3rd Website Privacy Policies

Only the use and dissemination of the data they obtain from you is covered by this privacy statement. Their data collection, use, and release procedures are used by other sites that could be accessed through this one. Please study the website’s privacy notice before linking to any related site. The rules or methods followed by 3rd parties are not their responsibility.



their website’s advertising providers, who may also set cookies, can serve advertisements to users. These cookies allow the server to identify your computer each time it sends you a digital marketing message to collect non-personal id numbers about you or anyone else using your computer. With the use of this information, ad companies can, among many other things, send you specifically tailored advertising that they think you’ll find interesting. Any advertising that uses cookies is not covered by this privacy statement.

Google Adsense

Google might be the company that serves some of the advertisements. Due to the DART cookie’s use by Google, Google can show visitors ads on their visits to their site and other websites. DART does not monitor any of your personally identifying details, including your name, email address, home address, or any other details. Instead, it uses “non-personal information.” You can choose not to have the DART cookie used by checking the Google ad and finding the attached privacy statement at


Different Privacy Concerns

  • Children 

Utilization of the website is prohibited for children under the age of 18 and for those who are not able to form legally enforceable agreements. No aspect of the Site is intended to entice those under the age of 18 or anyone who is not competent to enter into a signed agreement, and they do not collect data from anyone believed to be younger than the age of 18 unless such information has been knowingly provided. If you’re younger than 18 or otherwise unable to form a legally enforceable agreement but would still like to make a purchase or utilize the site, you could only do so in conjunction with a parent or legal guardian.

  • Public Spaces

On their website, they can offer places in which you can freely post stuff about yourself, interact with other users, or write reviews. Other people could read, gather, and use this information because it might be available to other customers and businesses, appear on some other websites, or be found through internet searches.

FirstCry KSA FAQs

On FirstCry, is it secure to use my credit card online?

They accept all KSA-issued credit cards—Visa, Master, American Express, and China Union Pay—as well as KSA-issued debit cards from all banks. You can make purchases with FirstCry KSA from anywhere outside of KSA, and they will send them to your family members in KSA because they also support global credit/debit card payments. Using secure socket layer technology from, all of your electronic shopping is safe and secure. Your payment card and any other pertinent data are encrypted throughout the whole online transaction. Your online shopping is safe and secure as a result of this protection.

What happens if an item is sold out?

Unexpected demand spikes that exceed their capacity could occur occasionally. If the item you've chosen is out of stock, they will let you know at checkout. If in the unlikely event that your order is accepted but they are unable to ship it for some reason, they will let you know within 24 hours and will refund your money within ten business days using the same payment method that you used to make the original purchase. An out-of-stock tag could be displayed next to some products that are momentarily unavailable. By choosing the Notify Me option, you can be notified when the item is restocked and ready for purchase.

What payment alternatives are available to me?

Credit or debit cards are accepted as forms of payment. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China Union Pay Credit Cards and Debit Cards are all accepted as forms of payment. Additional payment options include cash on delivery. When receiving the items in this situation, you pay for the delivery in cash. Orders whose total purchase amount is SAR 10 or less are eligible for COD purchases.

Why can't I see my saved cards when checking out?

Please beware of the following when verifying your stored card information at checkout: The user must be logged in to play FirstCry. To access that signed account, the user must be logged in. Because of safety concerns, this functionality is not yet accessible through Visitor Checkout.

What is the procedure for paying with stored cards?

When checking out, the user can access all of his or her saved cards under the Credit-Debit Cards tab. Behind a login, this data is secure. The saved card information can only be viewed by logged-in users. To proceed to the next stage and finish the purchase, choose one of your saved cards, enter your CVV, and select Make Payment.

What personalization options are available?

Different customization options will be available for every product. Some will let you add words to your goods, while others might let you pick the design. Similarly, to that, there are numerous options to customize your products.