There are some of the prominent partner names among Now Now listings include Waitrose, Eataly, Qalat Baalbak, Choithrams, Al Adil Trading, Al Manara Pharmacy, Karakoy Gourmet, 800 Pharmacy & more. Order anything you want from these stores & much more near your house at low prices after using the Now Now Promo .

Use the NowNow Discount Code to get a discount on your purchase. Discover the most recent sales and discounts for online retailers at the CouponGizer website, which guarantees you the right codes and the hottest offers for 2024 . Always check the CouponGizer coupon codes website before purchasing to get discount codes and great deals for many national and international brands.


Deals and offers from CouponGizer


About NowNow Discount Code


How great would it be to receive all your fruits, veggies, bakery goods, meat, and other essentials in just 60 minutes without leaving your house? It is the shining knight that we have all been waiting for! You may purchase online from your neighborhood merchants, shops, malls, etc., with the NowNow app on your phone, and you can even get free delivery on your orders! To shop for anything you need at incredibly low costs, enter our unique NowNow Code (P5) at checkout and apply the referral code for additional benefits.


About NowNow UAE


NowNow, The fastest delivery application, allows users to connect to nearby shops and products, with deliveries occurring within 60 minutes after an order is placed. Shop at your preferred supermarkets, pet stores, pharmacies, and bakeries using this special application. Apply the Now Now discount code
to get a discount on your purchase.


What Does It Serves You In UAE?


NowNow was a welcome surprise from since Covid-19. , there is an online delivery service available. With NowNow at your disposal, everything is only 60 minutes away, whether pet supplies, medicine, ice cream, pizza, or anything else. The days of having multiple apps open to receive different products as needed are long gone.

You no longer need to search for another delivery app if you have the NowNow App on your phone. For a 25% discount, apply our most recent NowNow Coupons at any retailer, including Al Manara Pharmacy, Karakoy Gourmet, 800 Meat, Spinneys, Eataly, Waitrose, Grandiose Supermarket, 800 Pharmacy, Almaya Supermarket, Al Adil Trading, Qalat Baalbak Restaurant, and Choithrams, among others.


NowNow Saving Advice & Techniques


The amazing NowNow App features a variety of brands and product categories. Markets, butcheries, pharmacies, bakeries, etc., are all places to purchase goods, moreover, astonishingly on steep discounts. Follow their helpful NowNow money-saving advice to save more on your daily purchases than ever.


  •       VIP Loyalty Program at Noon

If you join Noon’s VIP reward club, you can take advantage of exclusive advantages when using the NowNow App to shop. Further exclusive discounts, deals, and offers will be accessible to you as long as you remain a part of this loyalty club.

You will receive reward points for each purchase you make on NowNow or any other platform connected to Noon. You can use those reward points to earn fantastic on your orders when you make your subsequent purchases. Use CouponGizer’s NowNow promo to increase your further if you want to receive further savings.


What is The Best NowNow Discount Code in UAE?


If you are looking for the best NowNow code in , you have come to the right place! NowNow is one of the most popular online shopping sites in the , offering various products and services at discounted prices. With their codes, you can save even more money on purchases.

We have done extensive research to find the best deals and available on NowNow so that you can get maximum savings. So, check out the CouponGizer list of top NowNow codes and start shopping now!


Find The Best NowNow Coupon Code in UAE


Finding the best NowNow code in can be a daunting task. With so many different offers and codes available, knowing which one is the best can be challenging. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help you find the best NowNow code in . By following CouponGizer, you can get the most out of your shopping experience and save money simultaneously.


Do You Need Updated NowNow Coupons?


Are you looking for the best NowNow code in ? You’re in luck! NowNow offers exclusive and deals that are tailored to shoppers. With these special offers, you can save money on your purchases and maximize your shopping experience. We’ll show you how to find the best NowNow codes so that you can take advantage of all the savings available.


How Long Is the NowNow Coupon Code Valid For?


NowNow is an online shopping platform that offers to its customers. The NowNow code is a great way for shoppers to save money on purchases. Nevertheless, how long is the code valid? This article will discuss the validity of the NowNow code and how customers can make the most of it.


NowNow Code Will Save You Lots


The NowNow code is a great way to save money on purchases. It can be used for a limited time, and it’s important to know how long the code is valid so that you can take advantage of any savings. In CouponGizer, you will find various NowNow Coupons that are valid for a limited time, and you will find some tips on how to make the most of them.


What Restrictions Are There on Using the NowNow Discountsin UAE?


The NowNow code is a great way to save money on your purchases in . However, it is important to understand the restrictions placed on using this discount code to maximize your savings. These restrictions include the types of products and services eligible for , the minimum purchase amount, and any other conditions that may apply. By understanding these restrictions, you can ensure you get the best value for your payments when using the NowNow code in from CouponGizer.


  •       NowNow 100% Verified Coupons


Verification and authenticity are the top priorities for someone to be in the greatest possible position. Some websites offer 100% validated and trustworthy coupons, like CouponGizer, which has now established itself as the most reliable source of premium coupons. Every of their discount codes must complete a stringent set of checks before they can be used. They upload them for you after the verification process is finished.

As a result, you can use any of their with confidence and profit from several advantages. You will always be satisfied with the worth and usability of NowNow codes. To get a significant , use one of CouponGizer’s 100% verified coupons if you can’t discover a deal or offer on the item you want. Their discount codes are the simplest to use and are readily available. Remember to come back to the CouponGizer site for the most recent coupon before you shop somewhere.


Wide Variety Of Delivery Services


You can use NowNow’s service to order a wide variety of products. All the customers can find the best stores & suppliers for anything they need & call it within a few seconds. You can easily browse any local store products while sitting on your couch. Using the NowNow code at checkout will enjoy massive discounts.

Here are some of the product types you can find available on NowNow:


  • Supermarkets

If you want to order some essentials for your house, you can order from the supermarket located near you & get all your needs delivered to you in just no time. On the NowNow app, you will find some of the top supermarkets like Waitrose, Choithrams, Spinneys, Almaya Supermarket & many others more. To redeem discounts on your order, you can apply the NowNow code.


  • Bakeries

There’s no need to visit the local bakery as long as NowNow is here! We will bring you the nearest bakery products, so you don’t have to leave your house. Get everything you need & save extra money amounts by using the NowNow Coupon code offered by CouponGizer.


  • Meat Shops

NowNow offers an all-in-one service to order fresh meat & fish at your doorstep on the same day. You will be able to order from the nearest butcher shop or fish market & receive it at your house. The best thing about this app is that you will get by using the NowNow code.


  • Pharmacies

If you need a specific medicine, healthcare product or any other vitamin, all your requirements are fulfilled by using the NowNow application. You will find all your required products within a few taps. You will receive your order quickly & easily at discounted prices, especially after applying the NowNow code.


  • Pet Stores

They didn’t forget about your pets & took care of all their needs. You will find a variety of pet care products available. The delivery process won’t take long as you will enjoy low prices once you redeem the NowNow code at checkout.


NowNow Offers & Deals

NowNow is an online delivery service that launched in Dubai in 2002. It’s owned by Noon to facilitate your shopping experience for fashion, beauty, electronics, , & any baby product inside the . On NowNow, you will get all your supermarkets, pharmacies, pet shops & meat shops that need to be delivered to your doorsteps.

One app lets you quickly get all these items without leaving your house. You can download it from the App Store or Google store. Get the best quality products at cheap prices by using our NowNow coupon codes & apply them to checkout & save huge money.

Shopping with NowNow will bring you lots of conveniences as you can order while being at home at low prices. Using NowNow codes will save lots of money on bakeries, supermarkets, & pharmacies. These stores will cover all your needs daily at ease & convenience. You can now manage your daily shopping at ease & within your budget.


How To Get NowNow Promo Codes?


If you want to get the NowNow code quickly & within a simple process, these steps will help you. By following these steps, you will get extra without any difficulty. Here are the steps for amazing  & deals on the NowNow app:


  • Visit CouponGizer & search for NowNow.
  • At the NowNow pages, you will browse the best offer you find & click show coupons.
  • Copy this NowNow code & click on “Go To The Store” to go to the official NowNow website to start downloading the application.


How To Use Now Now Promo Code?


After getting the Now Now Code from CouponGizer, you are now very close to getting amazing discounts over any daily orders. It’s simple to redeem these coupons by following the upcoming steps.


  • Open the NowNow application & start browsing your needs.
  • Select your favourite items & add them to the cart.
  • Checkout & apply the NowNow code.
  • You will find the new amount updated after applying the.
  • Provide your address to start the payment.
  • Select your payment method & enjoy the!
  • you can also use Noon Coupon Code from here to save more


Payment Method


The NowNow store accepts multiple payment methods like a credit card, debit card, & ApplePay. While in the shop, you have cashless & contactless delivery! You will charge a fixed delivery fee with every order.


NowNow Return, Refund, & Cancellation Policy


If you want to cancel your order for any reason, NowNow will accept your request within 1 to 2 working days. But if you want to return an item, the refund process will take seven to fourteen working days.


NowNow Voucher Codes


Home and shopping are very stressful for us. Whether you are a parent preparing daily lunchboxes for kids or only preparing lunch or whatever daily, use the Now Now app and order what you need with ease and comfort from fresh items! Order now and take advantage of a discounted price on your checkout when ordering online using the NowNow code from CouponGizer.


Get A Bulk Of Home Groceries Easily With NowNow 


Cleaning Items


Make sure to cross these products off your shopping list whether you enjoy having clean flooring or want to ensure that you can use your dishwasher immediately to rewash those freshly unpacked dishes. Using the NowNow app, you will order them with one click from many brands and Get a on your order using the NawNaw voucher code from CouponGizer.


All Fresh Food Needs


Whether you enjoy a wide variety of fruits and veggies or can only handle broccoli with a lot of butter, be sure to include your favorites on your shopping list from NowNow . NowNow delivers all types of fruits and vegetables fresh to your doorstep in .

Put a few of these fruits and vegetables in your shopping cart with NowNow, and you can prepare a nutrient-rich dinner quickly. In addition, by applying the NowNow promo code, you will enjoy it at a price.


All Proteins Sources


This is for you, meat-eaters and seafood enthusiasts. This list from NowNow contains options for everyone, whether you’re craving a conventional hamburger or fresh fish. Remember only to buy a little fresh fish and meat if you want to prepare it within three days of purchase! 

(Need we bring up the mysterious meat you discovered before moving that had been charred in the freezer?) When you initially move in, stick to longer-lasting frozen meat and fish. Whatever meat cut you, love, you will find it by NowNow. Order now with a only in using the NowNow Coupon Code from CouponGizer.




NowNow offers all dairy items that should be on your shopping list because cereal wouldn’t be the same without milk. Most of these foods can be replaced with non-dairy alternatives if you don’t like dairy. While purchasing from NowNow, you can look at the expiration dates, as all are freshly made. Order with a now due to CouponGizer’s NowNow Coupon Codes in .




Make sure to cross these things off your list from NowNow, whether you adore your morning toast or need your favorite cookies to get you through the afternoon slump. Any preferred sandwich ingredients, such as bread, buns, pita, etc., are available at NowNow fresh day by day.

Other morning choices include muffins, doughnuts, bagels, and English muffins, available at NowNow. Cakes, cookies, or other types of desserts are also included. Get your fresh bakeries from the NowNow app with one click and save money by redeeming the NowNow code at the checkout!


Baking Essentials 


Having some baking essentials on hand is a smart idea whether you are an accomplished baker or your cookies always turn up burnt. With NowNow baking supplies, you’ll be equipped to whip up homemade muffins whenever the urge strikes or thicken a delicious homemade teriyaki sauce with some flour. 

The possibilities are infinite if you have these necessities on your list! Get them now online from NowNow, and don’t forget to use the NowNow Code from CouponGizer to enjoy home baking with money-saving on its essentials!


Essentials For Frozen Foods 


You’ll want to have a lot of frozen food on hand throughout the bustle of unpacking your first apartment or new home because you will find your dishes, pots, and pans once you do. After a hard day of unpacking, you’ll be prepared to make a quick, simple, and delicious meal if you remember to include these items on your shopping list from NowNow . 

Still, have some stuff in your former house’s freezer that needs to be moved? Order all frozen food types from NowNow now and ease yourself! Also, order it with money-saving by ordering online using the NowNow Coupon Code From CouponGizer.


Boxes& Jars & Cans


Picking up some canned and jarred goods in your is a great idea. These cupboard treasures are the ideal accompaniment to a quick and simple weekday supper because they are long lasting and safe to consume. NowNow has them all, order now and save more time than you spend on supermarket shopping!

You’ll be one step closer to having a fully stocked kitchen when you order them from NowNow and include these things on your list for your new house! Order them now and apply the NowNow Coupon Code From CouponGizer when you are checking out to save money on your order!


Basic Snacks 


Food crackers (Cheez-Its, Goldfish), foods like chips, pretzels, or the like PopcornsNuts Snacks you can microwave (think Bagel Bites, Hot Pockets) are all available online on NowNow. Order them with one click, enjoy your time with your favorite snack, and get a on your order by using the NowNow Code from CouponGizer. 


Sauces And Seasonings 


Making list for your home and including your favorite sauces and condiments is one of the nicest parts of the NowNow app! Turn on Sauces whether you want to spice up your weekday dinners or turn up the fire on your weekend eggs & bacon. Get them from NowNow and save on the checkout by redeeming the NowNow Coupon Code from CouponGizer!


Private Things 


Many of these goods may already be in your possession. If not, you should pay attention to the personal care aisle at your neighborhood store (and keep in mind that many of these products are excellent choices for bulk purchases), Which is available online On NowNow . 

With NowNow, you can ensure your bathroom has everything you need to stay clean and look fantastic. Order them now and forget turning many times shopping from stores and save money on them by ordering online using the NowNow voucher codes from CouponGizer.


NowNow provides the Essential for Every Home.


Add these staple foods to your next delivery order as soon as possible with NowNow because they are the best to always have on hand. It’s crucial to keep your home stocked with basic ingredients that may be used to prepare a variety of wholesome, delectable cuisine and have a long shelf life. When leaving your house is not an option, use NowNow this will help you get through difficult times.

NowNow eliminates the need to download multiple apps to purchase various goods. Among the Now Now listings, some well-known partner companies are Waitrose, Eataly, Qalat Baalbak, Choithrams, Al Adil Trading, Al Manara Pharmacy, Karakoy Gourmet, 800 Pharmacy, and others. After applying the NowNow Promo from CouponGizer, you can order everything you want cheaply from these businesses and many more nearby.


NowNow Offers All Beans


Beans are an almost ideal staple food. Picking up a one-pound bag of dry beans from NowNow is the simplest and least expensive way to purchase beans.

These beans can be cooked over a low boil for a few hours or soaked overnight before being cooked with onions, garlic, and water. Beans are a vital superfood to have on hand because they are packed with satiating fiber and protein.

Additionally, dry beans can be stored on a shelf for many years without becoming bad. Oh, and by the way, the more beans you eat, the more your body becomes used to them, so their unfavorable side effect is lessened. Therefore, by applying the Now Now code, you can order everything you want for cheap than in supermarkets.




Beans go well with healthful grains like quinoa, rice, and oats. The health benefits of long-grain and unprocessed grains outweigh those of instant or minute rice, so try to stick to those. Rice complements nearly anything, and it tastes great when combined with sautéed vegetables and a small amount of protein like chicken or fish. Buy all grains online with NowNow and apply the NowNow code for a lower price.




Pasta with butter is a go-to food for anyone with young children, and it should be—delectable, it’s simple to make, and satisfying. The healthiest dish is pasta, although… not too much. However, dried pasta lasts a long time on your shelf. Whole wheat, chickpea, and vegetarian pasta are just a few nutritious pasta options available at NowNow.




Nutrients are a healthy snack option if consumed in moderation since, like beans and rice, they are shelf-stable, high in protein, and (usually) not processed. Hot tip: Crushed nuts can add flavor and texture to your salad or dessert while also increasing the filling capacity of your meal. NowNow offers all types of nuts (roasted or raw). Order your favorite selection and save money by applying the NowNow code for a lower price from CouponGizer.


Dried Fruits 


Although some of the nutrients from fresh fruit are lost during the drying process, dried fruit still contains a substantial amount of nutrients. Dried apricots, prunes, and raisins have fiber that can help digestion and make you feel full. 

Natural fructose is concentrated during drying, which can help satisfy your sweet tooth without reaching for candy. Take care of your health and order dried fruits from NowNow. NowNow gets you all of them at a price by applying the NowNow promo from CouponGizer.




Although purchasing fresh steaks and chops is always the best option, you may extend the life of your purchase by freezing it. The secret is to freeze the meat as soon as you come home, but even more crucially, to defrost it just before cooking. Never microwave or submerge frozen meat in hot or warm water.

 Set the frozen meat on a cast iron or metal skillet, and take your time. After an hour, flip the pieces over, and in a few hours, the cuts ought to be prepared for cooking. However, all meat types are offered at NowNow; order them online and apply the NowNow code from CouponGizer; it is better than the butcher’s price.


Fresh Vegetables


Naturally, fresh vegetables should be prioritized over frozen equivalents, but they have a limited shelf life. Yes, the fresh produce supply chain will keep fresh fruit and vegetables on the shelves of your neighborhood supermarket, but it’s always a good idea to stock up from NowNow on a backup supply.

 Green beans and spinach are two vegetables that keep up better after flash freezing than others, although this is entirely a matter of preference. You’ll be grateful that you have frozen vegetables from NowNow; it offers all kinds of vegetables; order your favorite one online and save money by applying the NowNow code from CouponGizer.


Butter And Oils 


Do you want to discover why eating at a nice restaurant often results in such wonderful food? The chefs are frequently more focused on making your food taste as wonderful as possible than on your health. Butter enhances the flavor of dishes and is simple to freeze. Although it is not necessary for survival, butter is a key component of the most wonderful things about cooking at home. 

Olive, coconut, vegetable oils, butter, and many items are available online at NowNow. However, order the one you always use in your food and apply the NowNow promo from CouponGizer to save money and time.


Canned Foods


No, veggies served from a can lack some nutritional value, but they still last a long time and can be tasty. Many dishes, especially stews, chili, and tomato sauces, rely heavily on canned tomatoes (and tomato sauce/paste). If you’re always relying on Speed food, order canned items from NowNow and save a bulk of money when using the NowNow code from CouponGizer.


To Conclude


The following shopping list includes most, if not all, of the supplies you’ll need to furnish and organize your new home. But a little preparation is required before you leave for the store; be sure to use a NowNow UAE coupon for additional savings. Buying some of them in bulk from NowNow is a smart choice when looking for products for your new house. 

NowNow app will save you money over time and time (because you won’t have to make as many trips to the store) and gas (since you won’t be driving as much). Therefore, right now could be a good opportunity to sit down and pick which goods you will need from NowNow and apply the NowNow  code from CouponGizer to save money.


Now Now Coupon Codes 2024 


Do you want pizza delivered right to your door? Or an emergency medicine? Or how about some nutritionist-designed nutritious meals? There’s a mobile app for that! Many consumers like the options that on-demand delivery services provider. From food delivery to pharmacy services and home goods, dedicated on-demand Now Now delivery apps will make our lives easier than ever, and by using the Now Now Coupon Codes from CouponGizer, you will enjoy big .


What Are The Benefits Of Using the Now Now Delivery App?


Fast Delivery


Now Now app delivery service gives customers the ability to place purchases quickly. NowNow is an online app that can manage searching, booking/scheduling, paying, and reviewing orders. Press a button to obtain what you require, save money when ordering, and use the nownow voucher code from CouponGizer.


Affordable Price


Now delivery service has varying rates and delivery times, allowing business owners and customers to select the best service that meets their needs. NowNow provides customers with hot offers and special promotions daily, including exclusive NowNow coupons and deals. It saves business owners money by eliminating the need to invest in logistics, trucks, and full-time couriers to deliver their items. Now Now, app services handle it. 

The NowNow app concept is mostly built on independent freelancers that use their transportation. According to Bloomberg, this saves business owners a lot of money because they don’t have to pay payroll taxes, insurance, vacation time, sick days, and other expenses. In addition, there are extra savings when ordering from NowNow and using the NowNow Coupon Code from CouponGizer.




The benefit of the NowNow app in extends beyond delivery. NowNow is useful at every level of service delivery, giving users rapid access to smart search, real-time tracking, appropriate payment methods, and convenient and quick delivery. Also, There’s a money-saving option when using the NowNow app and redeeming the NowNow Coupon Code from CouponGizer.




Being open and honest with customers helps to build trust. NowNow delivery apps include feedback systems to ensure openness and develop confidence. Feedback systems also allow providers to identify and correct performance shortcomings. 


Example Of NowNow Food Delivery Items


Having or meals delivered to your door at any time and from any location is nothing very important. NowNow, is among the top meal delivery applications. The meal delivery from the Now Now app provides numerous advantages to both clients and eateries. Restaurant operators receive more orders and can manage them more effectively. Users, in turn, have quick access to user-friendly menus.

Food is the most important daily need, and the Now Now delivery food parts offer several solutions such as restaurant and , pizza, and delivery. In addition, when ordering all your food needs from NowNow now, you will save money due to redeeming the Now Now Coupons Codes from CouponGizer.


  • Vitamin C

After catching a cold, most individuals reach for vitamin C. This is because it aids in the development of your immune system. Vitamin C is known to boost the formation of white blood cells, which are essential in the battle against infections.

Vitamin C levels are high in almost all citrus fruits. With so many options available online in the NowNow app, it’s simple to incorporate this vitamin into every meal. Also, when ordering online now, you can redeem the Now Now from CouponGizer to enjoy a big discount.


  • All Spices

Spices and seasonings. A MUST of every kitchen. These magical ingredients will add lift, light, and brightness to your pantry meals over the next four weeks. Stock up on Italian seasoning, curry powder, chili powder, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, Better than Bouillon (one tiny container takes up far less space than cartons of stock), cumin, smoky paprika, red curry paste, garlic powder, onion powder, fresh herbs, and so on (keep parsley and cilantro in a bit of water on the counter to make it last). 

More information about the favorite must-have spices may be found here at the NowNow App. Check all the spices there and order them with money-saving when using the Now Now Coupons Codes from CouponGizer, because who can live without spices?


  • Fresh And Frozen Meats

Fresh and frozen meats include steak, frozen chicken breasts and thighs, frozen sausages, frozen bacon, frozen ground beef, and frozen ground chicken. You can find your favorite frozen meals in the Now Now app if you want a more comprehensive list. Pick your best protein and redeem the Now Now Coupon Codes from CouponGizer to enjoy them with .


  • All Treats!

Almost as crucial as everything else. We’re stocking up on chocolate chips, flour, sugar, butter, cocoa powder, oats, raisins, and other baking essentials because if there was ever a time when frequent cookie baking and random just-because cake-making were required, it’s now!

So, With the Now Now app, you can easily order all of them and one click at a price. That’s because Now Now is the speediest app, and CouponGizer gets all customers in Emiratis to enjoy ordering all their needs from NowNow with money saving due to using the Now Now Coupon Codes from CouponGizer.


  • Fresh Vegetables

All of us stocking up on fresh vegetables that last: cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. We’ll get some bell peppers and mushrooms—they won’t last forever, but they’ll do for a while, and we’ll use them up first. Carrots can also be stored in the fridge for a long time if peeled and placed in water.

Get the best fresh vegetables you can store without pale from Now Now and enjoy healthy living. Also, use the Now Now Coupon Codes from CouponGizer to enjoy a big on your order total amount. 


  • Food In Cans

 You’ve heard of this one. You’ll need tinned tomatoes, coconut milk, and beans (black, pinto, refried, garbanzo). More products on the canned items we always keep in the pantry can be found here in the Now Now app. Pick them ASAP and save time and money when ordering online using the Now Now from CouponGizer.


The NowNow UAE App


The website provides a simple and cost-free way to obtain a mobile application. Considering Apple’s iOS and Android, this is relevant to all brands and models of smartphones. Any goods from any merchant can be ordered using the application, which you can instantly download. Once the application is installed, you can select your area, supply your data, and register as a possible client.

Now Now is an application that delivers all the necessary things to your doorstep in a matter of minutes, From shopping to pharmacy delivery, Now Nano is the only delivery application you will need and it is an application belonging to Noon Emirates.


Now Now UAE discount code


How to use the Now Now discount code


  • Choose the Now Now code that is right for you
  • Read the details of the noon code now.
  • After confirming the value of the that you give you, the coupon, Copy the code and click Transfer to Store.
  • You will be taken to the Now Now main store.
  • Gather all the products you need and put them in the cart.
  • After you finish collecting the goods, Find where to put  Coupon.
  • Paste the code you copied from the Coupongizer site in its designated place and click to apply the discount.
  • Congratulations, you got an extra on your Now Now orders.


Learn How to Apply the NowNow Discount Code


On the CouponGizer website, select the NowNowCode. After that, you will be taken to the NowNow website. After selecting your items from their large variety and placing them in your cart, utilize the code to save money. You can take advantage of your discount and save a lot of money by using the CouponGizer website.


NowNow, UAE’s Sections


  •  Meat Market

NowNow is the greatest option if you seek high-quality meat and seafood for your family. You can access a large number of nearby stores thanks to this. Discover premium frozen and fresh products and benefit from prompt delivery.


  •  Bakeries

A variety of freshly made bread, pastries, sandwiches, and other products are available on the application. Browse the catalog at NowNow and get some fresh products right away. NowNow will deliver the freshest pastries from the best bakeries. It is simple and quick to place an order from the shop that is nearest to you.


  •  Pet Shop

You can get premium pet food, accessories, and other necessities at pet shops for your pet. Moreover, you can locate much of the food, medication, and other essentials your dog needs. You can take advantage of NowNow’s express shipping when you buy everything your pet needs. Do not forget to use the NowNow Code to get a on your purchase.


  •  Pharmacies

Access to your prescriptions online is only a single click away, thanks to NowNow Customer Care ensuring you get what you need. Health First Pharmacy, SuperCare Pharmacy, Aster Pharmacy, Good Health, and Healthcare Store are just a few of the pharmacies that offer everything from vitamins and supplements to more than just medications.


  • Supermarkets

Pick one of the best supermarkets in your community to buy dairy, water, pasta, meals to go, natural and fresh produce, and other household products. The best things for your house may be found worldwide here.


Let’s Purchase NowNow


In the United Arab Emirates, one of the most important delivery systems is NowNow. One of the best delivery platforms offers the fastest possible service, with shipping in 1 hour or less. Use the NowNow Code to get a discount on your purchase, and let’s explore some amazing NowNow items:


  •  Gifts and Flowers

Online orders for various presents and flowers are available from NowNow . Get same-day shipping on your selection from a range of products. Discover stores, including Olympic Flowers, Al Dar Chocolate and Flowers, Blomma Rose, The Secret Garden Flowers, Seed Story HQ, and many others.


  •  Electronics

By utilizing their experience, businesses like Party Zone and EROS, NowNow will give your event a distinctive flair. Additionally, you can shop online at Pinak General Trading, Vibgyor Stationery, Ajooba Stationery, and many other stores to find the best on electronics.


  •  Organics

Fresh food can easily be transported from the farm to your home. NowNow will only choose the freshest and tastiest variety of fruits and vegetables for you while they are in season. NowNOw includes all of Quality Foods’ vegan stores, organic meals at the café, bio-organic products, and more.


  •  Ethnic Goods

Visit NowNow’s new ethnic food section to learn more. Discover authentic ethnic foods, ingredients, and cooking utensils to prepare dishes from various nations. Several resources available can help you cook delectable ethnic dishes, such as Karam Beirut Street Food, Eataly, New Shanghai, Saatvik by Agrifresh, and Karakoy Gourmet.


  •  Organic Ingredients

Discover healthy, fresh organic foods on NowNow, which offers products and . You can locate well-known retailers that offer organic foods in the application, like Bio Organic, Vegan Grocer by Quality Foods, Organic and Real, Organic Foods and Café, and more.


NowNow Discount Code

Customer Feedback For NowNow 


  • Response times are quick. Additionally, customer service is excellent, and I acknowledge that the store’s whims determine whether a product will be available. NowNow only provides delivery services; thus, it must work within these constraints.
  • They are very efficient and ensure you get all your things, especially if they are out of stock, making ordering simple—the best app for grocery shopping.
  • One of the top applications I’ve ever used is a great concept for placing orders from our chosen stores. I frequently order goods with this app, and I usually receive what I ordered.
  • I have never had a bill or purchase defraud me. The option to substitute items for those out of stock is also useful. We have always received a call informing us when an order is taking longer than anticipated, which is appreciated.
  • Excellent delivery and customer service. If they are going to be a minute late, they will phone and apologize and explain why—also, a plus for the, A really enjoyable experience.
  • What an incredible piece of software! I am pleased Manal Muffin shared it on her Instagram stories so I could learn about it. The nicest part about it is that delivery is free. Shop at your preferred grocery store, pharmacy, meat market, etc., from the comfort of your home and get free delivery to your door. Wow, this is incredible.


NowNow Advantages


  • Fresh food items that satisfy customers’ cravings and daily needs are all included in the application.
  • There are many high-end products available through the application.
  • Utilizing the NowNow delivery application will save you significant time and effort.
  • Fresh food can now be bought for daily necessities, especially without leaving your house.


NowNow Owners and Partners


Currently owned by the Richard household, NowNow has grown among the most well-known businesses in the organic foods industry and provides one of the widest options of organic items offered. To guarantee that you take advantage of their extensive product selection, NowNow has established strong partnerships with major merchants such as (Spinneys, Marks & Spencer, Paul, Gourmet, 800-pharmacy, Keto by Foxxy, Petzone, BinSina, and more).


Is NowNow Owned by Noon?


It was originally released in the middle of 2020 and currently serves Sharjah, Dubai, and other locations. NowNow is a one-hour demand-driven service available at noon. It gives them access to nearby stores and enables quick delivery. Say goodbye to lugging heavy items over long distances, waiting in checkout lines, and finding a park. And don’t forget to use the NowNow Code to get a on your purchase.


Order Acceptance


NowNow considers their acceptance of your order to be the sending of an email or text message to you confirming that they have done so. If they cannot complete your order, they will notify you in writing or by phone and will not bill you for the product. Apply the NowNow Code to get a on your purchase.


Delivery Rates, Timing, and Delivery Date 


  • Shipping rates will be as they are displayed to you on the NowNow application, where applicable.
  • Delivery timing and date: You can find this data on the NowNow application.


Delivery Delays


  • If they cannot deliver the items on time due to an unforeseen event, they must notify the customer without accepting responsibility and take steps to mitigate the harm.
  • If you do not collect the item from them by the planned time, they will contact you. They can decline your order if delivery to you is unsuccessful and no new shipping time is scheduled.
  • If no one is available at your residence to receive the shipment and the items can’t be delivered via your mailbox, they will let you know how to arrange a new delivery date or take the item.


NowNow Working Hours


They are working from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. To give you the best possible purchasing experience, either email or social networking platforms are available. Kindly apply the NowNow Code to get a on your purchase.


How Much Does NowNow Shipping Cost?


The shipping cost has gone up for all purchases from AED 4 to AED 6 as of  2024 . You can research and verify the inventory of stores by going to the location you have chosen. You will only be able to see the shops that offer delivery to your area or address. Don’t forget to use the NowNow Discount Code to get a on your purchase.


NowNow Emiratis Polices


Return Policy


You are not allowed to return, replace, or exchange any products unless they fall under one of the mentioned categories. You have the right to return any product if it was delivered damaged, in error, or was not what was described on the site.


Non – Returnable Items


  • Items that are no longer in the condition they were in when you initially acquired them have been utilized or damaged.
  • Products created with hazardous materials or flammable liquids.
  • Vehicles with changed or missing license plates.


Cancellation Policy


  • For whatever reason, you can promptly cancel your order before it ships. They won’t charge anything to your registered credit or debit card if you withdraw your purchase before it ships.
  • NowNow will cancel the order. If any of the following apply to you: a) you fail to pay them what is required; b) you fail to supply them with data promptly after they request it; c) you refuse to allow them to deliver goods to you or retrieve them from NowNow.
  • If they see that a customer is buying multiples of the same goods in quantity, they can turn down any purchases at their discretion.


Exchange Policy


They have the right to cancel any order, in whole or in part, at any time, without notice or compensation. They also reserve the right to remove any product unavailable for any reason, whether it be because it is out of stock, broken, spoiled, or for any other reason. The products bought are determined by the different shops’ inventories.


Refund Policy


  • For items that have been shipped, they will reimburse you for the entire item price (less the cost of the original shipment) as well as the price of returning the item.
  • If the items are defective or do not match the description on their website, or if the return is being made for another reason covered by clause 4.1.


Regardless of the method of purchase you choose, they will give you a refund as follows:


  • If you bought with ApplePay, they would reimburse whatever card you registered to the service.
  • If you purchased with a credit or debit card, they would refund whatever card you used to purchase the refundable goods on the website.


Times for Refunds


As soon as they pick up the item and the seller receives it back, the refund phase begins, and you will get the following return quantity:


  • If the money were purchased with a credit or debit card, customers would get the reimbursement on that card in compliance with the bank’s regulations.
  • If the money were purchased with ApplePay, customers would obtain the reimbursement on the credit or debit card used for ApplePay in that particular transaction.


Certificates, Guarantees, and Conduct


  • Accepting these terms of sale and the payment of amounts due are fully qualified and authorized by you.
  • All applicable laws, regulations, and rules, including those governing copyright and security, must be followed by you at all times and frequently, without exception.
  • If you purchase an item on behalf of a business, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind the business to the terms of this sale and that you are duly authorized to act on its behalf.


Settlement of Disputes


  • Please contact them by email, social media, or chat support on the website if you are unhappy with any things you bought from their site.
  • Any disagreements arising from these sales agreements and any non-contractual claims arising from these terms of sale must be submitted to and finally resolved by adjudication following the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre’s applicable regulations. There will only be one arbitrator. Dubai International Financial Centre will serve as the arbitration’s location legally. English will be the only language used in the adjudication.


NowNow Discount Code

Your Responsibilities at NowNow 


When using the goods, you agree to the following:


  • They will accept your requests for further information regarding their services and registration usage.
  • They promise to inform them if your account, password, or other information is used without your consent.
  • You will be accurate and complete in your responses to their questions regarding you and how you use the services.
  • You are responsible for keeping your password and username private by avoiding unauthorized access and guarding against disclosure.


Privacy Policy


The additional data about you could well be gathered and processed by NowNow :


  • data you voluntarily submit by filling out forms on this platform, particularly data available when registering to use their system and any founder, contributing to the services, uploading content, or seeking extra services.
  • data you voluntarily supply if you join a contest or contest through their platform, submit reviews, comments, or feedback.
  • When you report a problem with their website, they might ask for or receive your latest details.
  • If you contact them, they will keep a record of their communication.
  •  non-personal data, including statistical and general data, collected;
  • If you use their smartphone application, they might have knowledge and information regarding your
  • position and smartphone, including the device’s special code. Information about the activities you conduct via this site and how your purchases are fulfilled;
  • information about your computer, as well as general information about how you use the internet and what information is stored on or obtained access to your device;
  •  your email address if you authorize the service provider to share your data with them;
  •  any other information they deem necessary to improve your experience on the platforms


What will NowNow Do with Your Information?


(a) To obtain data, goods, or activities you ask for from them or that they believe may attract you if you have given them the ability to interview you for such reasons;

(b) To fulfill their obligations arising from any agreement you may have with them or another business using their platform;

(c) To offer you services, including marketing, search terms, and other customized information;

(d) To enhance their services and provide you with a superior and more individualized experience;

(e) To make sure that you and the devices you use to browse their website are both given information from their website in the most useful way possible;

(f) To let you know when they make modifications to their services;

(g) for any other reason they believe is necessary to improve your platform experience;

(h) To manage and operate their reward programs and meet your reward requirements, enable you to enter contests, and let you know if you win a contest.


How they Implement Security Measures


  • They protect your data with fair pricing and technical, managerial, and physical measures to guarantee that it is handled safely and about the Collection, as well as to protect from unauthorized users’ access to, modification of, the release of, or loss of your data.
  • It would help if you took precautions to prevent unwanted access to the device you are using to join their services and your login. The confidentiality of your password is your responsibility. Verify, for instance, that you sign out after using a connected device.
  • Unfortunately, there are still security gaps in online data exchange. Despite their best efforts, they cannot ensure the privacy of your data transferred to their platform, so any transfer is done at your discretion.


What if NowNow Modify Their Policy on Privacy?


  • NowNow is always changing, so their privacy policy could also need to be updated. The most recent edition of this privacy statement will always be available on the platform. Any changes will take effect either when they are posted there, or on the day they specify as the “effective date.”
  • Their warnings and terms may be sent to you regularly via email, but you must visit their website regularly to see any recent updates. You are required to review the privacy policy frequently. Your consent to this Privacy Policy in its changed form is implied by your continued use of the website after any modification.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact them at if you have any questions or issues about your data on the website.


Payment Options


  • Credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX)
  • Apple Pay.


For help, get in touch with NowNow using one of the following methods:


  • Phone: 800-3-8888(UAE)
  • Live Chat on their application.
  • Website
  • Email:


Now Now Coupon Code 2024


Shop Your Essentials At Low Prices


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Now Nowis an application that delivers all the necessary things to your doorstep in a matter of minutes, From grocery shopping to pharmacy delivery, Now Now is the only delivery application you will need and it is an application belonging to Noon Emirates.


NOWNOW Gets You Everything Now!


  • NowNow Offers All Supermarkets Essentials

 NowNow allows you to shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, organic groceries, essentials, and more from the best stores in your area from the comfort of your couch. That means you will not have to waste time turning around supermarkets, especially if you’re busy all day with family and work!

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  • NowNow Gets You All Medicines In A Blink Of An Eye

From medications and vitamins to daily care product lines, the NowNow app has everything you need, from pharmacy essentials. Therefore why go to a pharmacy to search for a specific medication when you can order it while staying at home from the NowNow App?

There are many times that we face emergencies at late night, which need a specific medication ASAP; if so, don’t panic open NowNow and find out the nearest pharmacy order what you need, and it will be delivered immediately. Moreover, you can order with money-saving by going to CouponGizzer and searching for the NowNow first order code (p44), which saves you 15 AED+Free delivery.


  • Unlimited Pet Care Offered By NowNow

NowNow has all of your pet’s needs and treats covered. Shop the best brands of pet food, accessories, hygiene products, and other pet necessities and provide your pet with the finest care ever. You can guarantee that all pet products offered by NowNow come of the highest quality.

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  • NowNow Has A Unique Meat Shop

Are you stuck with a sudden house determination and need slices of immediate meat and items to do it? Do not panic; open NowNow, and you will shop from fresh and primal cuts to frozen products, and you will get your choice of meat and seafood products from the top butcher shops around you in no time.

Moreover, you will enjoy finding even the unique meat cut that won’t be found in stores! So, if you are searching for a quality meat shop, use NowNow and get a discount by ordering online using CouponGizzer’s NowNow first order promo (p50), as this code saves you up to 15AED+ free delivery.


  • NowNow’s Fresh Bakeries

Freshly baked bread, croissants, cookies, and other baked goods from the best bakeries in town are now available on the NowNow app. So, enjoy your morning having the freshet bakeries delivered to your doorstep and take advantage of saving up to 15AED Off + free delivery when ordering online using CouponGizzer’s NowNow first order code (p44).


How To Place An Order With NowNow ?


All you should do is download the NowNow application from the play or apple store. Then you have to log in to your account & start making a new NowNow account. Search over the app for the stores you want, whether groceries, medicine, food & more, in the search bar. 

Add your required products to the shopping cart. After that, proceed to checkout & apply the copied NowNow App Coupon Code (p5) from the CouponGizer website. Proceed to provide your address after getting & choose your payment method. That is it! Your order will be placed with 15% up to 15 AED & Free delivery.


What distinguishes the Now Now application?


  • Get medicines from local pharmacies near you as soon as possible.
  • Experience a fast and reliable delivery service.
  • Multiple services through one application such as groceries – pharmacies – butchery and more other things within the application.
  • There is a selection of well-known merchants and stores.
  • Ease of use, An easy and safe way to shop online.
  • Unique brand experience.
  • Grocery shopping online.


NowNow Site Features


  • Essentials Delivery Within 60 Mins

NowNow delivers medicine, groceries, and other supplies within 60 minutes across . If you are looking for any grocery essentials, make your order easily through NowNow will make it easier for you. NowNow has partnered with some of the leading supermarket chains in to provide you with all your needs. You will only have to pay a flat charge of 10 AED as a shipping fee.


  • No Minimum Spends Required

NowNow does not have any minimum order amount to deliver it. All customers can place any number of orders & have them delivered anywhere inside the . This will make it very simple for customers to get quick snacks &beverages. With NowNow, you can easily track your order via the application. You can order anything you want & get it delivered within 60 minutes.


  • Wide Stores Range

NowNow has so many retailers, up to 100 on its application. The customers can choose to order from their favorite retailers & get their orders delivered within minutes. Order from supermarkets, bakeries, and pharmacies, & get orders delivered. With Now Now code (p45), you can enjoy 15% up to 15 AED & Free delivery.


  • Order Tracking

All the customers can track their orders on the NowNow application live. This feature is very useful for all household clients as it will save their time & plan. All customers can track their orders for any medicine, snacks, pet food & more on the NowNow application.


  • Exclusive Codes & Coupons

You will find NowNow coupons & codes for all customers. Only verified codes & coupons are available on the website application. All the users can visit the website & download the application to get coupons for the & the rest of the Middle East.


Shop Easily With NowNow Code 


Check out CouponGizer’s NowNow codes to enjoy 60 minutes’ delivery for fresh & quality ingredients. Stay safe & healthy with our coupon codes


  • Visit CouponGizer & search for the NowNow coupon page. Click on it!
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  • You will automatically be directed to the official NoNow shopping site.
  • Choose your fresh food, pet supplies, butcher, bakeries, & more. Get ready to check out!
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You can use these discount codes to save on your healthy meals, favorite clothes brands & household appliances. On CouponGizer, you will find ti=ons of discounts to use while shopping for any brand.


All You Need To Know About NowNow App


NowNow was launched by Noon during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is an online delivery service that offers you groceries, medicine, pet supplies, & anything else you might need in . All your needs are just 60 minutes away! The days you download multiple apps to get your products are gone! Today with the NowNow application, you no longer have to search for another delivery application. Using the latest NowNow Coupon Code 50 off (p44) to get 15% up to 15 AED & Free delivery on any order you get.


NowNow Saving Tips


NowNow app is where you can find multiple brands & shopping categories onboard. If you want to buy from butchers, supermarkets, pharmacies, & more, you will find special available. Follow these useful tips to avail more than you ever need in your daily shopping.


  • Loyalty Program

    when you subscribe to this loyalty program, you will enjoy massive features while shopping at the NowNow application. You will get extra discounts & offers, especially if you are only a loyalty program. You will get reward points and unbelievable on your next purchase.


  • Use Mashreq Noon VIP

    Noon offer facility for its customers in many different ways. If you pay through a Mashreq Noon VIP card for your NowNow purchase, you will get immediate cashback of 3,5% on your card. You will also get a welcome 500 AED bonus to spend wherever you want. You will find multiple benefits that you will get once you use this payment method.


  • Refer & Earn

    if you want to earn 500 AED, you can only invite your friends to download the application. By referring your friends to download the tee NowNow application, you will earn up to 500 AED & extra 15% on your orders.


  • Check Top Offers

    you will find thousands of supermarkets & brands available on NowNow. Choose your desired products from the listed brands but keep in mind to check “top offers” before you place your order. For many offers & save up to 15% off at checkout, use Now Now code (p44) & do not miss the chance to avail of massive offers.


  • Download The App

    NowNow id offers a user-friendly application where you can easily find your desired products in one place. By downloading the application, you can shop for anything you want in easy steps without opening many tabs on your laptop! Shop easily within easy fingertips and enjoy many benefits, especially by applying NowNow Coupon Code 50 off (p45) at checkout, which gives you 15% up to 15 AED & Free delivery


How To Get NowNow First Order Promo Code ?


It is straightforward and doesn’t need lots of steps.


  • First, go to CouponGizzer and search for NowNow first order promo code.
  • You will be moved automatically to NowNow, and you will have a variety of Promo codes and coupon that you can choose from.
  • Choose what suits you from the codes according to your purchasing.
  • Click on “Show Code” To copy the code.
  • Go and choose all the items you need from the shopping page and put them on the cart.
  • You will find the coupon box in the checking-out process
  • Apply the copied NowNow first order promo code (p44) and redeem it to enjoy saving up to 15 AED+ free delivery.


NowNow Services You Shouldn’t Miss!


  • Supermarket

You can shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, organic greens, & other food essentials along with saving with the NowNow promo code (p45).


  • Pharmacies & Daily Care

Your daily care & medicine supplements take the top place on your property list. You can find your care needs while sitting at home in a little time & effort and get them delivered as well. By using NowNow promo code (p45), you will enjoy 15% up to 15 AED + free delivery.


  • Pet Store

Get the best pet essentials brands at affordable prices like food, hygiene, accessories, & more. By using NowNow promo code (p44), you will get all your pet needs at prices15% up to 15 AED & free deliveries.

There’s much more to know about if you sign up to NowNow & enter any , promo, coupon & deals while checking out. Every time you place an order, you will get an instant . Don’t miss the big savings, apply CouponGizer codes, & enjoy saving!


How to use the Now Now UAE Promo Code with Coupongizer:


  • Enter the Coupongizer website and search for a store now now UAE.
  • Browse the coupons available for the Now Now store.
  • Choose the appropriate code for your region, or suitable for your requests, or the appropriate value for you.
  • Click on the coupon title to open it.
  • Read the details of the exclusive coupon.
  • After reading the details, click on “Copy Code” Then click on go to the store.
  • You will be redirected to the Now Now application.
  • Make purchases as usual and add your orders to the cart.
  • After you have added the products, Go to the cart and review your requests.
  • Put the “discount code” in the place designated for the code.
  • Click on apply. Congratulations, you got an extra through the exclusive Now Now Promo Code on our website.


Today Online Shopping Became Easier


NowNow originates from Noon house & reinvents the online delivery of your daily essentials in the UAE. Make the most of your order value with exclusive NowNow deals. You can quickly download the NowNow mobile application to access all its user-friendly shopping categories and enjoy unlimited free access with NowNow Plus. In addition, you can avoid paying cash on delivery as NowNow allow you to pay with debit cards or credit cards safely. Do not forget to use NowNow Coupon Code New User (p44) from CouponGizer at checkout to save up to 15% up to 15 AED & Free delivery.

We at CouponGizer understand how all NowNow clients need fast online shopping. Thus, we offer only active NowNow coupon codes to avail of maximum savings while you are shopping from NowNow. Follow our website regularly to know more about the available coupon codes & promotions that will make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Click & copy the voucher code that suits you better & enjoy massive .


How Can I Track My Order?

On the NowNow application, you will find it easy to track your order live! The dashboard will even tell you the amount of time it will take to deliver your order.

Is There A Minimum Order Amount At NowNow?

There's no minimum order amount at NowNow. You will get whatever you want to order delivered to your doorstep at the total amount of your purchase.

How Long It Takes To Deliver The Order?

NowNow ensures delivering your order within 60 minutes. You can place your order by using the app or tracking it through the app.

Where Can I Get NowNow Discount Code?

You will find NowNow codes & deals at CouponGizer.

How To Save NowNow Discount Code in ?

All NowNow codes & vouchers are listed on the CouponGizer page as it will be easy to find them. All you have to do is copy the code & paste it while checking out to get the .