More About Mrsool Egypt

Mrsool was founded by Ayman & Nayf in 2015 to be the best delivery application in Egypt. By using Mrsool, you will be able to order anything from bakeries, pharmacies, restaurants, flowers, sweets, snacks, & more. Shop anything you want from popular restaurants like Hardees, McDonald’s, Pizza Hat, Papa Johns & more

Today the Mrsool application serves over 4 million users across Egypt as you can order any health essentials or even electronics. CouponGizer provides you with the latest Coupons & promo codes to help you get the best possible offers. Using Mrsool coupon Egypt (MK2) will give you EGP90 OFF One time per user.


mrsool free delivery code
mrsool free delivery code


How Long Is The Mrsool Coupon Egypt Valid For?

The Mrsool Egypt coupon is always valid at CouponGizer, but once our team has removed it, it has expired! CouponGizer is always updated with coupon codes and discounts added to the website! You can read the terms and conditions for more information about the Mrsool coupon Egypt.


Active codes on items from CouponGizer


Who Are The Primary Target Customers For Mrsool?

Mrsool’s primary target audience is those who want to save time shopping in-store, people who prefer online shopping and are always searching for their products and needs online. In addition, Mrsool is targeting application users and internet shopaholics, not traditional people who love to see the products on their hands before purchasing! 

Therefore, if you are updated with life nowadays, Mrsool must be your destination for online shopping. Whatever you need can be found online at Mrsool, which is why you must use it, and if you are interested in money saving, don’t miss using the Mrsool Coupon Egypt from CouponGizer.


How much does the Mrsool promo code First Order in Egypt?

When you choose a trusted coupon provider like CouponGizer, you will find so many trusted & valid discount codes to be used at checkout while shopping online for multiple online stores.

One of these online stores is Marsool discount codes & promo codes that will help you save a lot on all your essential services. Avail big discounts on all your services from this store & enjoy up to 30 EGP off on your first three orders.

Some popular services you can enjoy are courier, fuel, battery jump, gas delivery & many more. CouponGizer offers you some of the most valid voucher codes in Egypt for all users.


How many times can I use the Mrsool Promo Code Egypt First Order ?

With any of Mrsool Egypt coupons & discount codes offered by CouponGizer or any other trusted online coupon code provider, you can enjoy amazing discounts on all your purchases.

Through this mobile application, you will be able to shop for all your needs from different stores inside your town with great ease & speed as they offer a professional delivery process.

The available Mrsool promo codes are valid to be used for each user only once (divided into three orders); it will give you discounts on each order of up to 30 EGP with a value of up to 90 EGP off. You will receive your order within a few hours as you can choose the delivery person by checking their reviews.

When you decide to shop with Mrsool in Egypt, you will have the ability to gain lots of time because you will not have to visit the nearest store and browse the products that you want and place your order online.

You will find a list of stores available on the Mrsool application where you can order any item you want & get it quickly delivered to you at reasonable prices.

With Mrsool discount code 2024 , you will have the chance to save big as you will get extra discounts of up to 90 EGP at checkout that will allow you to save more on your upcoming purchase as well as find a wide list of discounts available on CouponGizer and choose your best among.


Can I use the Mrsool promo code First Order on sale items in Egypt?

Promo codes, discount codes, & vouchers are a great way to enhance your shopping experience & get extra sales on the items you purchase. To maximize the benefit of using these discount codes, you have to know how to use them & how they work.

First, you need to choose the promo code type you want to use, whether one-time discount codes that can be applied at checkout or those ongoing promotions that require users to enter these codes each time they shop online

Then, think about the items you would apply these discounts on, whether the products in the store or just some selected items; once you place your decision, then you create an active & actual code.

These promotional offers will ensure you clear instructions to follow as to when & where you should enter these discount codes at checkout. You should check the expiration dates to ensure that these discounts are still valid, which encourages you to stay loyal & take advantage of these rewards quickly.


Tips & Tricks to Save Big With Mrsool 

 on drinks, food, beauty & many more, look at the following tips & secrets to help you.

  • Get access to the hottest discounts & deals by visiting Mrsool’s official website or mobile application.
  • You will avail of amazing reductions when you use Mrsool promo codes at checkout on the mobile application.
  • Subscribe to the newsletters to get new updates & stay connected with the latest offers & deals.
  • Apply Mrsool promo codes to save big on your orders.
  • Find great discounts by visiting the official social media pages.
  • Visit CouponGizer to get amazing discounts to use at checkout & save a lot of money.


Save Big With Mrsool Free offers

If you are on a very tight budget and you want to save big on checkout, then you should choose Mrsool online shopping service. You do not have to worry; you can now get anything you want at low discounted prices without spending lots of money when choosing the Mrsool shopping service.

Besides, you have to choose the Mrsool promo codes from Coupongizer to apply at checkout while placing your order. You will be able to save big on your ordered food.

All Mrsool customers can choose a variety of meals based on their daily requirements. Order your favorite food from popular restaurants & get them delivered to your doorstep using any of Mrsool discount codes from CouponGizer.

Mrsool collaborated with a variety of restaurants, gift cards, home services, & more to give you a wide variety of options to pick from. When you use Mrsool discount codes while placing your order, you will be able to save lots of money. Look at the following features & benefits that you will receive when you shop online:

  • Find multiple payment methods like cash on delivery & online payment transfer.
  • Apply the Mrsool Egypt coupon codes to enjoy extra savings.
  • An easy-to-follow cancellation policy for all customers.
  • You will find mobile-only offers through this high-end mobile application.
  • Enjoy the easy doorstep delivery process.
  • Use CouponGizer discounts to save big on your online purchase

Mrsool team is committed to offering you the service that you desire & want at ease.

All you have to do is open the mobile application or the official website to place your order and then apply the copied coupon code you get from CouponGizer & that is it! Enjoy saving big.


mrsool free delivery code
mrsool free delivery code


What Can Mrsool Deliver You?

It is fantastic to get everything you want to be delivered to your doorstep promptly. Mrsool Egypt offers a wide range of delivery options that include pharmacies & supermarkets. If you are looking for any product or service under the 15-kilo meter range, then Marsool will deliver it to your doorstep. Here are some of the categories that Mrsool application offer delivery from:


  • Pharmacies & Healthcare

If you are sick & cannot go to the pharmacy to buy your medicine, Mrsool will bring you whatever you want at express medicine delivery from the healthcare or the pharmacy. Choose from the top pharmacies like El Ezaby, Seif, Roshdy, 19011 Misr & more.

Here you can buy medicines, vitamins, pads, creams, sanitizers & more. You can also enjoy an extra discount on any order using the Mrsool Egypt coupon code (MK2) during checkout. CouponGizer offers the best discounts on the website or application.


  • Restaurants With The Mrsool Promo Code Egypt

What is the point of express delivery if it is not for food? Mrsool offers some of the best restaurants services & deals to serve all your meals. Once you download the application, you will find Hardees, McDonald’s, Abou Shakra, Paul, & more. Using the discount codes of CouponGizer Mrsool Egypt coupon code (MK2) will give you amazing discounts.


  • Bakeries With Mrsool Coupon Egypt

If you are craving something delicious & sweet, then look no further as long as Mrsool is here! Mrsool offers a variety of bakeries, ice cream, & sweet shop deliveries for all Egypt residents. You can select among Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, El Abd, Simonds, La Poire, & more. Shop at GouponGizer to get the latest promo codes on the website.


  • Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Get anything you want from fruits, vegetables, electronics, meats & dairies from the nearest supermarkets. Mrsool offers delivery from stores that are within 15-Kms of your shipping address. You can buy one & get one or a free deal, special discount from these stores. You can shop from Metro, Hyper One, Seoudi, Carrefour & more. Enjoy additional discounts on your order with the Mrsool Egypt coupon code (MK2).


  • Gifts & Flower Stores

Show your beloved & loved ones how you care about them on any special occasion with the help of Mrsool’s special gifts & flower delivery service. The application allows you to select your gift or flower set & have them delivered to you with care. With Mrsool Egypt coupon code (MK2) from CouponGizer, you can purchase any item without exceeding your budget.


  • Electronics With Mrsool Coupon Egypt

You can shop & select any appliance you want under 21k EGP. Shoppers can buy chargers, headphones, earphones, portable Charcoal barbecue grills & more. Mrsool offers you special discounts on electronics by using the Mrsool coupon code (MK2) available on the website or the application.


How To Use Mrsool Coupon Codes?

  • Search for Mrsool page on CouponGizer website.
  • You can pick any required coupon from a list of coupons on the page.
  • Click on show the coupon so you can copy the code.
  • Go to the application & add whatever you want by adding items to the cart.
  • Paste the copied promo code (MK2) in the “Add Coupon” section at checkout.
  • Then, you can apply for your order, as your cart will be updated with the mentioned discount.


What Makes Mrsool Egypt A Distinguished Delivery App?

Mrsool is not only a pick & drop application from restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies & more. It can also provide you with other services. Some of these services are gas & fuel delivery, water supply & automotive spare parts shipping. Enjoy all these services & more at budget-friendly prices with Mrsool coupon code (MK2). Here are other features:


  • Special Sales

During sale seasons like Ramadan, Black Friday, Mother’s Day & more, you will find Mrsool Egypt offers amazing discounts that can reach up to 50% off. You can get anything you want at your doorstep at special offers like delivery at 1 EGP or 9 EGP. Thus, take advantage of these sales & have a happy shopping & delivery experience.


  • Payment Options

Mrsool offers its customers a secure payment policy. Its items are eligible for cash on delivery payment. Concerning online payment, you can pay through credit cards or Hyper Pay. Enjoy EGP90 OFF Once per user once you apply the Mrsool coupon code (MK2) during checkout.


  • Delivery Options

Mrsool Egypt has been rated as the best delivery application in Egypt. It has the quickest & most secure delivery option for all its customers. Mrsool delivers to all Egypt areas. You can expect quick delivery for all pharmacies, bakery, snakes orders & more. If you have any inquiries or questions, contact their customer service.

The Mrsool application ships customers’ orders to all over Egypt cities like Alexandria, Cairo, Giza & more the delivery fees are 20% of the original order price. You can choose the delivery time that you should be according to the distance between you & the store where is your order located within a couple of hours


  • Cancelation Policy

In case you want to cancel your order, Marsool requires small fees. The fee will vary depending on your order.


Perks Of Using Mrsool Egypt Application

  • It allows you to deliver orders quickly & professionally at the lowest prices by connecting to various stores & delivery workers.
  • Mrsool has an expanded list of different restaurants, stores, & more that you can shop from directly without visiting each application separately.
  • It enables you to choose the best delivery time to receive your order on the exact day within an hour.
  • Mrsool allows you to choose the delivery man according to his reviews.
  • Also, you will enjoy amazing discounts & offers that include Mrsool coupon code (MK2)
  • You can enjoy additional discounts on purchases by using CouponGizer vouchers & promo codes.


Mrsool Coupon Code

Mrsool is one of the region’s largest delivery platforms. Mrsool’s has a unique on-demand experience winning the top customer ratings in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. So, suppose you want a great delivery experience all over Egypt at an affordable price and unlimited discounts. In that case, you can use the mrsool coupon code” MK2″ to get 90EGP off one time peruse from CouponGizzer.


Anything From Anywhere

Mrsool is more than just a delivery service; it’s like having a helping hand who is always nearby, no matter what you order. It not only delivers food from all restaurants, but also gas, water, car parts, groceries, clothing, and accessories, and you can even ask Mrsool to deliver something you forgot someplace.

Mrsool is the best delivery app you can use in an easy & simple way. So there’s no need to stress over groceries when you are tired or even anything from any place when mrsool is here. In addition, using the mrsool coupon code (MK2) will get you 90EGP off one time peruse from CouponGizzer.


Mrsool’s Benefits:

  • It is a one-stop-shop for everything!
  • Send anything you want to anyone, anywhere.
  • Use the Mrsool ordering bot to make the ordering procedure go more smoothly.
  • With a single click, you may evaluate and reorder your previous orders.
  • You can place an order from numerous locations at the same time.
  • It Includes all restaurants and retailers in Egypt.
  • Offers and promotions are always available.
  • You can choose how you want to pay.
  • Direct and live communication with the driver.
  • Accept the desired delivery fee.

So, besides the regular offers that mrsool offers, you can have an extra discount using the mrsool first order coupon egypt (MK2) from CouponGizzer as it will get you 90 EGP; off on one time peruse!


Work With Mrsool

You can earn money with Mrsool! Do you have some spare time? Do you have a day off? Do you want to supplement your income? Do you want to work on your schedule? So, work with mrsool as a freelancer and earn more money each day, then don’t hesitate to apply now.


Mrsool’s Unique Service

  • It offers to experience personalized delivery through an open dialogue with the courier to control your delivery experiences in real-time.
  • Bidding System with Flexibility! As their bidding mechanism determines service pricing in advance, allowing customers to choose from a variety of service providers.
  • It offers a solution for Integrated Mapping by choosing any location on the map for your delivery order and tracking it in real-time.
  • So, to get the best delivery experience with a total discount, subscribe to CouponGizzer after downloading the Mrsool App and get the mrsool Egypt Coupon Code (MK2) from CouponGizzer as it will get you 90 EGP off on one time peruse!


Get Your Grocery Day By Day!

Mrsool can provide grocery shopping daily, as we can go to the supermarket and purchase our food requirements daily. But it’s all over now! You don’t need to travel out every day to the supermarket and hunt for your needs across multiple areas, especially if you’re busy or have children!

So, everything you need for breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks will be delivered to your home with just one click at Mrsool. You can choose from whatever supermarket you want to buy from, with additional savings thanks to CouponGizzer’s mrsool first order coupon egypt (MK2) that will get you 90EGP off on one time peruse!

Mrsool offers you the best prices on all grocery items while maintaining the finest quality; all you have to do is download the app, put everything you need in the carts, check out with the code, and enjoy your items at a significant discount. Mrsool ensures that all Egypt’s residents get all of their needs met.


Safe Shopping Experience

Mrsool advise everyone to shop online rather than going out to save people’s health and lives, especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus. With it, you can be guaranteed that all of the products have been thoroughly disinfected and that no one has used them before you.

Furthermore, Mrsool trucks are clean and sterilized, and all of their delivery workers are properly attired and wearing masks and gloves. So, there’s no need to be concerned about the cleanliness of the groceries or any items after purchase.

With Mrsool, you can rest confident that all of your orders will be well cleaned and delivered. Not only that, but you may save even more money by utilizing mrsool first order coupon egypt (MK2) from CouponGizzer as you will enjoy 90EGP Off on one time peruse, so don’t miss the offer and download the app now!


Why Use Mrsool?

If you’re a lazy person suffering from shopping, Mrsool can help you out with just one click. With the Mrsool Promo Code (MK2), you can acquire anything you need from any store all over Egypt and get 90 EGP on one time peruse.

Furthermore, if you are a busy parent who never has time to acquire your baby’s food, pampers, or other necessities, don’t worry; with Mrsool, you can get all baby supplies of the highest quality and brands at the lowest prices. There are no mistakes as long as you choose them.

You also won’t have to worry about the expiration date or other goods that aren’t proper. They deliver all products well-packaged to your door to ensure your comfort. So, don’t waste time and check out CouponGizzer’s special deals and offers to obtain the greatest shopping quality and prices.


How Does the Mrsool Coupon Code Work?

mrsool first order coupon
mrsool first order coupon


It is straightforward and doesn’t need lots of steps.

  • First, go to CouponGizzer and search for Mrsool Egypt.
  • You will be moved automatically to Mrsool Page, and you will have a variety of Promo codes and coupons discounts that you can choose from them.
  • Choose what suits you from the codes according to your purchasing.
  • Click on “Show Code” To copy the code.
  • Go and choose all the items you need from the shopping page and put them all on the cart.
  • you will find the coupon box in the checking out process
  • Apply the copied mrsool first order coupon egypt (MK2) and enjoy the saving that will be 90EGP on one time peruse!


Mrsool Serves All Egypt!

Mrsool is an app that can quickly reach you in any part of Egypt. It has many supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion stores, and other stores to pick from and the ability to write what you require via chat or phone.

So, don’t be intimidated by the distance when mrsool brings everything to you with only one click! When you use the mrsool first order coupon egypt (MK2) from CouponGizer, you’ll get 90 EGP on one time peruse on everything.


Quickest Shopping Delivery

With Mrsool Egypt, you can get whatever you need from the best places with 0% of your work! Forget the crowds and long roads to acquire your necessities; forget the harsh weather you experience when buying groceries!

Mrsool comes to your rescue when you have unexpected guests and need to promptly offer them great foods, biscuits, chocolates, and other treats! Mrsool allows you to order whatever you need, from groceries to large dessert stores, to assist you in preparing all of the food and sweets you choose.


Mrsool Egypt FQAs

How To Use Mrsool Coupons?

To make the best use of Mrsool Coupons, read each coupon description & make sure you get the best one. Click on the coupon to be directed to the Mrsool page. Add the copied coupon code & then checkout, so the discount is applied.

What does Exclusive Mrsool Coupon Codes mean?

CouponGizer offer exclusive discount & promo codes for Mrsool. The term exclusive means that this coupon is available only on CoponGizer.

How Can I Know The Latest Mrsool Offers?

CouponGizer offers the latest Mrsool Egypt coupon codes that are valid & you can use them on the website. All our coupons are updated regularly to be able to use whenever you want. For more information about each coupon, read the terms & conditions associated with each.

How Can I Enter the Mrsool Coupon Code?

Once you select your coupon code, click apply. The link will direct you to the official Mrsool website page. Add the coupon code at your checkout to avail the discount. All the available coupon codes on CouponGizer are regularly updated & valid.

Are There Any Special Discounts On Mrsool First Order?

Yes, if this is your first Mrsool order, you will enjoy special discounts. Check out the description of each coupon code before you pick or use the right one.

Does Marsol Take Exchange or Refund?

No, Mrsool is only a delivery application, as it does not accept any refund or exchange. For any delivery issues, you can contact their customer care center.

What is Mrsool Coupons Validity?

All CouponGizer coupon codes are valid & always updated. We always remove all expired coupons as soon as possible once their date is closed.

Why Should I Choose CouponGizer Discount Codes?

At CouponGizer, you can get valid coupons & promo codes for many stores. Our team provides the latest 100% valid coupons to help you save on your purchase. You can enjoy exclusive discounts on your order. Using Mrsool coupon code (MK2) while checkout will give you EGP90 OFF One time per user.

Where & How It Begins?

Nayef and Ayman met for the first time in 2010 through a mutual friend; Ayman was working on an Android project to bring Arabic language support to Android at the time, some ideas for multiple products were thrown around. Most Ayman killing ideas were presented by Nayef for technical or execution reasons; in 2013, Ayman started working on an idea for a car marketplace. Still, after about a year on it, he decided to give up, only to find out after a few months that it had!

What Does Mrsool Means?

MRSOOL is derived from the Arabic root Rasl, meaning (to send.) Other words derived from the root include (messenger,) (delegate,) and (envoy.) As the name implies, you're appointing someone to act on your behalf, whether to order and deliver dinner, buy medicine from the pharmacy, or even retrieve your spare keys if you lock yourself out of your car!

Who Can Use Mrsool?

Mrsool provides a variety of business solutions based on the platform's on-demand concept, including: On-Demand Logistics is a term that refers to logistics that are provided on getting rapid access to thousands of on-demand couriers in your city to provide your e-commerce clients with on-demand delivery within hours. Listings in the App, if you promote your business to them, millions of consumers are just one click away from becoming devoted clients! Restaurant solution for restaurant ordering by Manage inbound eCommerce orders from Mrsool with ease, as you may begin preparing the order as the courier is on the way, giving your consumers an express service they've never had before!

Is The Mrsool Coupon Transferable In Egypt?

Yes, it can be transferable, but it is one time per use. It gives you a 90 EGP discount divided into three times, so 30EGP off peruse. Get it now from CouponGizer and enjoy.

Can I Get a Refund If I Don't Use The Mrsool Coupon?

Yes, you can get a refund without using the Mrsool Coupon. As a result, if you are dissatisfied with the product's quality or flavor, you can receive a cash refund for the product amount.

What Should I Do If I Have A Problem With The Mrsool Coupon?

If you have a problem with the Mrsool coupon, it can be due to several reasons. For example, the code may have expired, be inapplicable to select brands, be nontransferable, or be valid only once. It's also conceivable that your purchase did not meet the code's requirements, such as spending a specific amount. However, if you need help with the Mrsool Coupon, please check it twice at CouponGizer; we guarantee the code is valid and always works. In addition, you can contact the Mrsool customer care team if you still need help applying the Mrsool coupon.

How Do You Enter the Mrsool Coupon?

Choose your preferred coupon from CouponGizer. You will be taken to the Mrsool app or website when you click on the coupon. Paste this code into the designated slot on the checkout page and enjoy the savings.

Where Can You Use The Mrsool Coupon?

Mrsool operates in Saudi Arabia. They have now expanded their operations into Egypt and Bahrain. So, you can use it depending on the code of the country.

Can I Cancel The Order After Using the Mrsool Coupon?

Sadly, you don't want to order anymore, but we understand that things don't always work out. You may cancel your order at any time after using the coupon, and the team will begin canceling your account and any outstanding issues related to it, if any.

Can I Use The Mrsool Coupon With Any Payment Methods?

Yes, you can use the Mrsool Coupon from CouponGizer, whatever payment method you choose from Mrsool, as it offers a variety of secure payment methods. Credit cards, STC pay, and Apple Pay are a few examples. They even want to give you the convenience of cash for delivery, even though online payment methods are preferable. Mrsool ensures that you complete your secure payments without difficulty in any form.

How To Use The Mrsool Coupon Correctly?

To make great use of Mrsool Coupons, read the terms and conditions, and make sure you have the best one. When you click on the coupon at the CouponGizer website, it will take you to the Mrsool page, so you will not make any effort. The discount will be applied when you enter the promo code at the checkout.

How Can I Find The Latest Mrsool Coupon?

On CouponGizer, you will find the most recent and valid Mrsool coupons. All coupons are always being updated for your convenience. Read the terms and conditions linked with each coupon for further information.

How Do I Enter a Mrsool Coupon?

After you've chosen your Coupon code, click apply. The link will take you to the Mrsool page. At checkout, use the Coupon code to redeem the offer. All coupon codes on CouponGizer are current and routinely updated, so don't worry about the validity of the Mrsool coupon.