CITRUSS World of Shopping is the first dedicated home shopping TV channel in the Arab world and the region's top full-media retail destination (MENA). CITRUSS World of Shopping, the real epicenter of Omni channel retailing, offers a huge selection of high-quality goods in the home, kitchen, beauty, fashion, and jewelry categories. However, you can find all your needs in it, and CouponGizer's Citruss Discount Code offers you the advantage of ordering with money-saving. 

Promo CodeC77
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What Does Citruss Offer?

CITRUSS World of Shopping has built multi-platform channels, including TV, website, App, and social media, focusing on technology and a commitment to enabling seamless shopping across the region.


Citruss Coupon Code
Citruss Coupon Code


CITRUSS World of Shopping, based in Dubai, UAE, broadcasts 24/7 via satellite (NileSat/Arabsat) and cable networks (du/OSN/Gobx).

It provides a safe and secure online shopping service to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and many other MENA countries. So, enjoy the technology shopping at a 10% discounted price from Citruss when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.

Citruss Got You All Kitchen Needs


  • Kitchen Essentials 

Are you searching for the best cookware to ease your kitchen’s daily cooking routine? Or are you in need of bakeware kitchen items? Then don’t search a lot. Citruss gets you all kitchen cookware and bakeware needs in various sets and designs and at a 10% discounted price when you order online using the Citruss GCC Coupon code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Kitchen Electronics

Who can live without electronics in their kitchen nowadays? No one! So, get your mother or wife all the kitchen electronics she may need, and your mind relaxed towards kitchen cutting, frying, or whatever. Citruss offers air fryers, juicers, food processors, multi cookers, and kitchen electronics.


In addition, Citruss offers the best coffee makers and kettles for coffee adductors and ovens & grills from high-quality to bake and grill the best goodies at your home! So, get your kitchen electronics now from Citruss and take the chance of the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer that will get you 10% on your order!


  • Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories are not something hard to find anymore with Citruss! Citruss offers all kitchen accessories you may need, like dinner and serve ware sets in colorful designs and many types! So, get it for your kitchen now and save money when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer that will get you 10% on your order!

Citruss = Home’s World Shop


  • Home Improvement Products

Cleaning is essential in every home, and bringing the tools that make it easy is more than essential, and that’s what Citruss offers you! It gets you the best home cleaning tools, steamers, storage organizations, home decor, air cleaners, etc.

The home improvement tools from Citruss are going to improve your home! All the equipment comes from the top brands in town, and the best part is that you can purchase them now with a 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Bath & Bedding 

Get your bath and bedrooms the best product with Citruss GCC while staying at home! Citruss offers the best and softest pillow and bed items to enjoy sleeping and relaxing your body all night! So, take the chance and order them now with 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Travel And Outdoor

Traveling bags is a must-have item to get in mind when you travel! So, if you are going to travel inside or outside, you must have the bags that come in strong material, and that’s what Citruss GCC offers!

Citruss gets you different bag sizes and styles. Also, it gets you the kid’s stroller items that will help you travel and spend your time outside without stressing over kids, and all these are with a 10% off when you order now using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Home Electronics 

Ordering home electronics online is not a trustful option, but it Is not with Citruss! Citruss offers you all home electronics with a high-quality guarantee so that you can rest assured you will get the top electronics online in town! So order electronics from Citruss now and save 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.

Citruss Coupon Code
Citruss Coupon Code


Discover The Widest Health & Beauty Shop With Citruss


  • Skin Care

Do you have a light complexion? Or do you have a general feeling of exhaustion? Citruss GCC carries a variety of skincare products that are designed to hydrate and renew your skin while also leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Citruss gets your all skincare protection covered from serums, Vitamin C serums, creams, Scrubs, and any facial items! And the best part that you must not miss is that you can order all the skincare from Cituss now with a 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Promo Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Body Care

Beauty starts from body care, so who isn’t interested in taking care of their body 24/7! No one is sure, especially women! So, Citruss offers the best body care products online, including products like hair removal, slimming, and many-body cleaning sets!

So, refresh your body always with Citruss GCC while staying at home! And don’t miss out on the offer to order their body care items now with a 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Hair Care

Haircare is women’s big problem for women, especially for those who always suffer from failing hairstyles or lost hair. So, Citruss offers a solution and gets you the wait styling tools you may need at high & safe quality so you can do the style you need whenever you are!

So, save the salon money now and do your hairstyle by yourself while staying at home when you order the hair care products from Citruss GCC. And to get a 10% off on order now online, use the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Makeup

Makeup is every woman’s day routine! Women love makeup more than anything, so what if they found all the makeup they need online in high brands and appropriate for their skin? So, that’s what Citruss GCC comes for; it has a special makeup category that women can’t get addicted to!

From full makeup sets to eye makeup and full-face makeup Citruss Makeup category gets you covered! Why wait to order now and get a 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Health

Taking care of your health at home without going to the gym or visiting a doctor is not hard anymore! Citruss GCC has a full health category that has all supplements you need and fitness equipment you can find out in the gym!

So, you don’t have to stress over going to the gym when you have no time as you can now order all the gym equipment you need at your home from Citruss and train whenever you need! And the very special part is that you can order them now and save 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.

Citruss Is Your Stop Fashion & Jewelery Online Shop


  • Fashion

Are you a fashionholic? Or do you need to get the latest fashion trends with an easy online way? Then you must choose to shop from Citruss GCC; it has a wide fashion item that women will admire and from many designs and brands! So, order the fashion items you need now from Citruss and save 10% off when you order online using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer.


  • Jewelry 

Do you think that ordering online jewelry is something guaranteed? People will say no, but people who shop from Citruss will say 100% yes! Citruss GCC offers a jewelry shop including watches, earrings, and many jewelry sets from high-quality and different designs!

So, if you want to order the best jewelry online, you have time to go to the malls! Rest relaxed at your place and browse the jewelry section at Citruss; add what you like in your cart, and then order using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer to save 10%!

Why Choose Citruss GCC?

Citruss is committed to “Making every purchase a fantastic one.” To ensure that they live up to this commitment, they believe in three basic values that guide our operations, growth and customer service. So, you can consider that it is a true multi-shopping platform that combines TV, web, mobile, and social media, allowing you to shop whenever and wherever you want.

So, if you want to have high-quality, low-cost products in the kitchen and home, beauty, fashion, and jewelry, you must choose Citruss GCC! And to save money, you can order all of their products online now while using the Citruss Coupon Code (C77) from CouponGizzer to save 10%!

How To Get The Citruss Coupon Code?

It is straightforward and doesn’t need lots of steps.

  • First, go to CouponGizzer and search for The Citruss GCC.
  • You will be moved automatically to The Citruss GCC Page, and you will have a variety of Promo codes and coupon discounts that you can choose from.
  • Choose what suits you from the codes according to your purchase.
  • Click on “Show Code” To copy the code.
  • Go and choose all the items you need from the shopping page and put them all on the cart.
  • You will find the coupon box in the checking-out process.
  • Apply the copied Citruss GCC Coupon Code (C77) and enjoy the 10% savings.


citruss world of shopping

Citrus online world for shopping is one of the top notched sections & stores in the Middle East & Africa. This is the first dedicated home shopping store in the Arab world. It offers you quality products & different categories like home, kitchen, beauty, health, jewelry & more. To redeem massive discounts, make sure to apply Citruss Coupon Code from CouponGizer at checkout to redeem massive discounts.


Citruss Store KSA Features

  • Enjoy shopping unique, trendy designs that are attractive & very simple. This will allow you to discover the best products at low prices quickly.
  • For all IOS & Android users, this store offers a unique mobile application that you can download for free.
  • The shipping service is very fast & excellent. 
  • Enjoy a free shipping option.
  • The store offers amazing products at low prices & with the help of Citruss Coupon Code from CouponGizer; you will enjoy extra discounts.
  • This online store is committed to providing you with high-quality products.
  • High-quality product photos that you can zoom in & out easily to explore amazing products.
  • A variety of payment methods is available to fulfill all your needs. 
  • Easy return & exchange product policy.
  • The ability to return any product easily without any hassle.
  • Ability to contact tech assistance to fix all your current problems.


Get Amazing Discounts- Citruss 2023 Sales

    • Citruss Ramadan Sale- Citruss offers great sales on Ramadan and its wide product range every year. You can get amazing discounts of up to 80% on all home decor, kitchen essentials, electronics, beauty products & more.
    • Do not search anywhere else, as CouponGizer offer Citruss Coupon Code that you can use on these products. Browse through CouponGizer for many Ramadan offers & deals to get extra discounts.
    • Citruss Purple Friday Sale- you will not find the biggest Black Friday sale elsewhere except Citruss. You can shop all your skincare, strollers, blenders, air fryers & more. Enjoy up to 80% discount on all your Citruss orders during Purple Friday. Shop all the products you want at big savings with the help of Citruss Coupon Code of CouponGizer.
    • Citruss Mobile Application- you can download Citruss mobile application for Android or IOS for free. Using this app to shop all the latest items & be notified of the live broadcasts. Shop among some of the latest products: fashion, beauty, home kitchen & many more.
    • Find out many unique features available & premium quality products from top brands such as Bissell, Winsor, SteamQ & many more. With the help of the Citruss Coupon Code, you will get amazing discounts on your orders.


  • Payment Methods

    Citruss online shop offers a variety of payment options that help you shop easily without any problem. You can pay with a credit card, MasterCard, debit card, Visa, or PayPal & paying with cash on delivery once you get the order. This will ask you for extra charges upon the original order fees. For all KSA residents, you can pay with the SADAD mechanism.

    • Delivery Process

      the shipping & delivery costs differ depending on the product weight & the country where you live. It might be from 14 to 50 SAR. Citruss shop offers a free delivery service if your order value exceeds 1000SAR or is equivalent to any other currency. Make sure to apply Citruss Coupon Code at checkout to get fantastic discounts on all the products. All the shipping time takes from 4 to 5 working days. This period might extend for another day if your shipping address is remote from the main city.

  • Easy Return Policy

    Citruss offers you the easiest return policy or exchange for your orders within seven days of delivery. Citruss customer service team will check all your requests for exchange or return once you ask for it. After you receive your order return request, their team will set up a time for a professional courier to collect the returned items. You will get the refund money through your original payment method. You will get your money refund through a voucher code for cash on delivery orders.


  • Tracking Orders

    you can track your Citruss order using your shipment number. You should copy your order’s shipping number & paste it into the Citruss shipment-tracking page. The system will then show you where your order is & what your shipment stage is.


  • Social Media Connection

    go & follow all Citruss social media accounts to get updated with the latest offers & discounts Citruss offers. This store has great access to different social media platforms where you can shop all your needs for the latest products. You can follow all its social media accounts, as they are always active on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter.


Citruss Frequently Asked Questions


  • What Are The Return Terms & Conditions Of Citruss?

Please ensure that if you are not satisfied with your order & want to return it, you can do so within seven days of receiving your order. Ensure that the returned products are not mistreated & damaged, which affects their original condition. The order packages must contain the serial number. There is nothing on the original order box that damage it. For all activewear, lingerie, & more, you will not be able to return the product for hygiene concerns.


  • What are the Products Citruss Does Not Refund?

Except for the coming products, you will be able to return your order with Citruss. While if your order is skincare products, oils, underwear, makeup, and slim clothes.


  • How To Redeem Vash Back From Citruss?

If you paid for your order with a credit card, Citruss would return your cashback to your bank account. While if you paid with cash on delivery, Citruss would refund your money by placing your money into your account.


  • How To Contact Citruss Customer Service?

It is very simple to contact Cirtuss customer service through the following ways. You can send an email to If you live in UAE, you can contact 04559666, while if you live in KSA, you can dial 0118250999 .