Carrefour Is Now Near You!

The first time Carrefour EGY emerged was in 1995. It operates around 28 hypermarkets with 43 supermarkets & employs more than 9kpeople. You can browse the Carrefour site to choose a wide range of products such as fresh food, appliances, electronics & more. With Carrefour, you will get the best shopping experience through your mobile screen.

carrefour egypt promo code
carrefour egypt promo code

What Carrefour Egypt Offers?

These are some of the available product categories you can find inside Carrefour Egypt. You can find almost everything there!

  • Fresh food.
  • Beauty & Personal Care.
  • Health & fitness.
  • Electronics & appliances
  • Fashion & accessories
  • Stationery & school supplies
  • Household & cleaning
  • Toys & Games
  • Baby Care
  • Garden
  • Pets
  • Luggage & accessories


Start Saving With Carrefour

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Top Brands In Carrefour Egypt

  • Nestle.
  • LG.
  • Samsung.
  • Nokia.
  • Braun.
  • Always.
  • Davidoff.
  • Ariel.
  • L’Oréal.
  • Oppo.

There are mother brands you can find available in Carrefour that can satisfy all your shopping needs.


What Distinguish Carrefour Egypt?

Some things can distinguish Carrefour from other Hypermarkets in Egypt like the following:


  • MyClub

Within a couple of minutes, you can join the Carrefour club & start earning new points. Being a member & part of the Carrefour family, you will get excellent benefits like really extravagant discount codes & more options. Join the club now & gain points. Also, you can use Carrefour Discount Code & Voucher Code from CouponGizer and start saving money.


  • Gift Card

Do you want to give a newly married couple & worthy gift? If you’re going to make a person’s day brighter, there’s nothing that would be perfect other than choosing a Carrefour EGY gift card. You can gift your loved ones with grocery essentials or electronic or beauty care. Carrefour’s gift card will help you; get it now!


  • Warranty

Carrefour now offers an extended warranty that goes beyond the original warranty. Ensure that all the items you buy come with a C4 warranty as there’s nothing trustworthy other than it.


Carrefour’s Special Promotions

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Carrefour Payment Methods

Carrefour gives its customers the ability to pay online safely & effortlessly by using any of the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Master Card


Carrefour Egypt Delivery policy

You will find the delivery is completely free for a limited time only. Regardless of minimum purchase amounts, Carrefour offers an entirely free delivery experience. You will get your shopped items & packages within 7-10 days. They deliver to most of Egypt areas. Also, it’s available to pick up your packages from the nearest Aramex delivery centre or the nearest Carrefour branch.

You can provide the store with your phone number during the purchase process to enable the call centre system to inform you of your order’s exact arrival time. If you place your order from 12 am to 2 pm on the same day, it will be delivered the next day.


Carrefour Egypt Return & Refund Policies

If you want to return any selected item with Carrefour, you can do so within 14 days of receiving your delivery. The return policy takes seven days of an error or not a valid food item. At the same time, it takes three days more for electronics from the day of purchasing. It can only be applied if the product is in good condition as new.

In case of re-sale, you must close it with the packaging & all the packing materials. You can either return it to the nearest Carrefour store or request a pick up at your doorstep. Once your return gets approved, the refund is next. If your payment is made by credit, the returned money will be transferred to your bank account; but you will refund it in cash if the payment is made in cash.


Carrefour During Festive Seasons!

During the festive seasons, whether feast, Ramadan, or the new year “Christmas” celebrations, Carrefour offers a wide range of products in different categories: fresh food, treats, beauty & personal care, health, home & more. Also, you will find back to school products available from reputable suppliers only at Carrefour.

Carrefour is the largest hypermarket in Egypt & the Middle East. With Carrefour’s new year sale 2023 , you will get various discounts, vouchers & deals to save extra money every time you shop. This New year Carrefour Discount Code on CouponGizer will help you get the best offers & deals on all occasions. Save your precious money by buying with these deals.


carrefour egypt offers
carrefour egypt offers


Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 

Please use Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 to receive discounts on your purchase. Carrefour provides an unrivaled selection of more than 500,000 items, as well as an inspired by local, world-class customer experience to make every day wonderful for all, in keeping with the product’s promise to offer the most comprehensive selection of high-quality goods at competitive prices.


Using Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023

The Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 can be found on the CouponGizer website. When you click on the Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 , the Carrefour Egypt website will open. After choosing your items from the extensive selection offered by Carrefour Egypt, use coupon codes to save money on your order. To find out about the newest deals and discounts, frequently check CouponGizer’s website.


About Carrefour 

To satisfy the evolving needs of its wide range of customers, Carrefour maintains a variety of store types in addition to several online offers. Majid Al Futtaim, based in the United Arab Emirates, introduced Carrefour to the area in 1995. Majid Al Futtaim is the only franchisee for Carrefour in over 30 countries and wholly controls the operations throughout the region.


Online Shopping for Everything is Now Available.

On the Carrefour website and the MAF Carrefour application, you can buy online and take advantage of ongoing promotions all year long. For first-time buyers, take advantage of discounts and promo codes. If you have any questions or would like to contact them, they are always happy to take your calls at 160-611. Utilize the Carrefour Now service to take advantage of 60-minute delivery.

You can return your purchases to them easily within 14 days of the original purchase because they also provide convenient returns. If you’d like to learn more, please see their return and exchange policy. Use any credit card to make payments for your online purchases. For the lowest rates on all of your favorite products and a first-class customer experience, explore Carrefour Egypt right away.


Carrefour Application

Please apply Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 to get discounts on your order, when shopping for food, personal care, electronics, appliances, cosmetics, and more. Utilize the Carrefour application as your first port of call. There is a huge selection of fresh foods available from all over the world that may require precise adjustments to your house. With the Carrefour application, you can instantly shop with a few touches on your phone, you discover it and buy it.


What Is The Expiration Date Of The Carrefour Egypt Promo Code In Egypt?

Promo codes that may be used to receive discounts on purchases are one of the many discounts and promotions that Carrefour Egypt is renowned for providing. Many customers frequently need clarification on whether these discount codes are valid and when they will expire. We will explain the Carrefour Egypt promo code expiration dates in Egypt and how to ensure you get all the savings they provide.


  • What Do Carrefour Promotional Coupons Mean?

We will describe Carrefour promotional codes in this part, including what they are, how they function, and how to use them to save money on purchases.


  • The Need to Verify Expiration Dates

Here, we’ll go over why it’s critical to double-check the expiration dates of Carrefour Egypt promo codes before using them and what happens if you do.


  • Where to Get Carrefour Coupon Codes and When do They Expire?

This section will describe the various sources of Carrefour coupons, including online and in-person sales, and how to determine when they expire.


  • Efficient Carrefour Coupon Use Advice

Here, we’ll offer advice on how to get the most out of Carrefour promo codes, including how to use them during sales or in conjunction with other offers.


  • What to Do If a Carrefour Coupon Expires?

In this final section, we’ll advise on what to do if you discover a Carrefour promo code Egypt that has expired, including how to contact customer support or where to look for new promo codes.

In conclusion, Carrefour discount coupons are a fantastic way to save money on purchases, but it’s crucial to be aware of when they expire to prevent disappointment. You can make the most of these reductions and ensure you receive the best prices on your purchases by heeding the guidelines and recommendations in this article.


Knowing When Egyptian Carrefour Promotional Coupons Expire

Promotional codes have become a popular tool for merchants to draw in and keep customers by providing discounts on purchases. One such shop that routinely provides promotional codes to its clients is Carrefour Egypt. To ensure you get the savings these promo codes offer, paying attention to their expiration dates is crucial. In this article, we’ll look at Carrefour Egypt promo code expiration dates and how to monitor them.


How To Check The Validity Of A Carrefour Promo Code Egypt?

Visit the Carrefour Egypt website or app: The first step is to visit the Carrefour Egypt website or app where you want to use the promo code.

  • Please select the products you want to purchase , Choose the products you want to purchase and add them to your cart.
  • Enter the promo code , Before proceeding to checkout, enter your promo code in the appropriate field.
  • Check if the promo code is applied , Once you enter the promo code, check if the discount is applied to your order total.
  • Check the promo code’s terms and conditions , If it doesn’t apply or you’re unsure if it’s valid, check its terms and conditions to see any restrictions or expiration dates.
  • Contact Carrefour customer service , If you still need help, contact Carrefour customer service to verify the promo code’s validity and apply it to your order.


What is The Minimum Purchase Amount Required to Use the Carrefour Promo Code Egypt?

The answer to the above question varies depending on the promo code’s associated terms and conditions. Some promo codes may require a minimum purchase amount, while others may not have any minimum purchase requirement. Promo codes with a higher discount rate or a larger monetary value tend to have a higher minimum purchase amount.

It’s essential to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with each Carrefour Egypt promo code to determine if there is a minimum purchase amount requirement. Typically, the minimum purchase amount will be specified in the promo code’s details, and customers must meet this requirement to apply the promo code to their purchase.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the minimum purchase amount required to use a Carrefour promo code Egypt may also vary based on the product category. For example, a promo code valid for groceries may have a different minimum purchase requirement than one for electronics.


Is The Carrefour Promo Code Egypt Valid For All Products ?

Carrefour is a popular retail chain in Egypt that offers various products ranging from groceries, household items, and electronics to clothing. Carrefour frequently offers promo codes and discounts to customers, which can help them save money on their purchases. However, the question is, “Is the Carrefour Egypt Offers valid for all products in Egypt?

The answer is no; the validity of Carrefour promo codes depends on the terms and conditions associated with each promo code. Some promo codes may be valid for all products in the store, while others may only be valid for specific product categories such as groceries or electronics.


  • Please read the Carrefour Promo Code Terms and Conditions before Using IT

It’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions associated with each Carrefour promo code to determine its validity. In addition, some promo codes may have expiration dates or other restrictions limiting their use. Customers should ensure they use the promo code within its validity period and for eligible products.


  • Carrefour Promo Codes Are Excellent Saving Options With Limited Time

Carrefour promo codes are an excellent way to save money on purchases. Customers can find these promo codes through various means, such as the Carrefour website, social media pages, email newsletters, or third-party coupon websites. However, it’s important to remember that promo codes are available for a limited time and may have restrictions on the types of products they apply to.


What Can You Get at Carrefour Egypt?


  • Fresh food and organic products

You can buy the necessary item on the application if you don’t have enough time to look for it. It is possible to buy anything you need, including fresh food, fruits, meat, and more. Additionally, you have the option of purchasing them in quantity. Please use Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 to receive discounts on your purchase.


  • Nutritional Data for Every Food

It’s just as simple to purchase groceries online as it is in a supermarket. The nutritional information for each of their food items is listed beneath each product’s image on their application, so you can use it to do online grocery shopping in the same way that you would when purchasing groceries at the store. Please use Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 to receive discounts on your purchase.


  • Electronics

When purchasing electronics, you can study all the details and characteristics of Carrefour and choose the model that best meets your demands and your budget. Remember to use Carrefour Egypt Offers 2023 to receive discounts on your order.


  • A Variety of Goods

From fresh vegetables and fruits selected just for you to pantry essentials and natural foods to well-branded skincare products, clothing, personal care, and much more, they offer a broad range of goods. Additionally, they provide the most affordable prices on baby care items and other basics for raising your kids. Take advantage of exclusive offers and online specials on electronics, as well as a variety of laptops, cell phones, and household appliances.


Carrefour Egypt Delivery Fees

For all purchases made within their distribution zones, Carrefour will deliver to your door for a variety of delivery types and shipping prices. Depending on the shipment address, purchase weight, and more, the delivery costs for the express delivery “Carrefour Now” may change; express delivery will set you back 5–10 EGP.

Standard Delivery: Delivery costs for regular delivery can change depending on the shipment address, order weight, kind of product, etc. The normal delivery fee might range from 10 to 150 EGP. Remember to give them a working mobile number when you purchase your product. To provide you with an expected arrival time, their devoted delivery staff will phone you as soon as they are on their way.


Carrefour Egypt Objectives

Taking an ethical and responsible approach to business practices is important to Carrefour Egypt. Since Majid Al Futtaim Retail was the first to implement these programs, the company actively participates in these important CSR efforts.

Their main goal is to increase client service, pleasure, and devotion. Customer retention and happiness are correlated with a company’s commitment to enhancing societal well-being through environmental participation, socialization, and community building. These factors are in addition to offering the best prices, quality, and products. Remember to use Carrefour Egypt Offers 2023 to receive discounts on your order.


Carrefour Egypt Warranty

After the initial provider warranty period has expired, Carrefour will extend its guarantee for HHH products by an additional one to two years if you buy them from a store. Carrefour Extension Warranty does not apply to products with a 5-year or longer original supplier guarantee. Items that cost less than 400 EGP must be replaced right away, while those that cost more than 400 EGP must be repaired. Contact them at 160-611 for further details.


Carrefour Egypt Cancelation Policy

You can cancel your order by opening the Carrefour application, selecting the order you want to cancel, then selecting “View Order Details” and “Cancel Shipment.” You will then receive a confirmation notice saying that the order has been canceled.

If you have received a notification from your bank informing you that your card has been charged, please be aware that this is only an authorized amount and will be released once your order is canceled. They only pay your card once the order has been sent. According to your preferred banking partner, this could take up to three days of work to appear on your card.


Carrefour Egypt Return/Exchange Policy

They offer 30-day returns on all of their products; the 30-day return period begins the day you receive your order. For simple returns and exchanges, you can come to see them in any of the Egyptian supermarkets that are nearby and receive a refund when a product is delivered defective.


Carrefour Egypt’s Privacy Policy


  • Collected Personal Information

They may gather the following information when you sign up for their services:

  • Your contact information, such as your mobile number, email address, and billing addresses, your birthday, gender, and ID number,
  • Your login and encrypted password, which you used to log into your account, as well as your hobbies, lifestyle choices, and other analytic data.


They might get the following information when you conduct online business with them, browse the websites, use the mobile applications, or log onto one of their Wi-Fi networks:

  • Data about your internet transactions.
  • Data about your internet browsing habits while using their websites, mobile applications, and data network, as well as data about your clicks on their advertisements.
  • Data about the machines you used to access their services, such as their make, brand, and system software, as well as their IP addresses, browser types, unique device identifiers, as well as your precise location.


They may gather the following information when you contact them, when they contact you, or when you participate in contests, quizzes, or other activities using their services:

  • Details about the emails and other internet technology they provide you with, such as data about the emails you view and hyperlinks you click on, as well as personally identifiable information you submit about yourself; Your opinion, and participation in client surveys and polls.


  • Obtain the Following Personal Data

In addition, they might need personal data gathered from other sources, including public records, online media outlets, their partners, and information supplied by specialized businesses. They may collect the following categories of personal data about you, or other categories of public data: These additional personal details enable them to:

  • The veracity of the data they now hold needs to be reviewed, and they should also work to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, particularly interactive marketing.


  • Your Rights at Carrefour Egypt

Per applicable local laws, you have several rights concerning your private details. Among these are the following rights:

  • update the information they have about you;
  • Your data should be deleted.
  • limit how they use your personal information;
  • You don’t agree with how they are using your data;
  • revoke any permissions you may have given them to use your details;
  • have the ability to transfer your data to another party in an accessible digital form; and
  • Notify your local data security authorities of your grievance.


Clauses of Use

Only those who are legally able to enter into agreements under the rules of the relevant jurisdiction may use the website. Users of the website who lack the legal capacity to enter into contracts are not permitted. Your parents may trade on your account if you are under the age of 21 and they are account holders or customers. If they conclude that you are under 21 years old, they retain the right to cancel your account and deny you access to the site.

Persons whose registrations have been stopped or canceled by them for any reason whatsoever are not permitted to use the website. If and to the extent local rules are relevant, it is the responsibility of those choosing to visit this site from locations beyond Egypt to comply with all those laws. According to the order in effect at the time, they will only ship the items to the specified area in Egypt. They are not responsible for any claims involving orders for items placed outside their legal boundaries.


Registration Process

Your given information will be safeguarded in conformity with Carrefour Egypt’s Privacy Policy. If you use the website, you agree to be accountable for any activities that take place under your account and to keep your login and password secure. You are also responsible for limiting your computer’s access.

Any loss or harm that may occur as a result of your inability to protect your password or account is not something they are responsible for compensating anyone for. Any unusual activity on your account must be reported to Carrefour Egypt right away by notifying them at the number or address listed here.


Price of the Product

When the website provides information about products and prices, mistakes could happen. Only after the order can they verify a price. If an item is offered at an inaccurate cost or with wrong information due to a mistake in cost or product details, they reserve the right to either call you for directions or to reject your order and let you know that it was canceled.

If the site approves your purchase, the amount will be deducted from your credit or debit card and mailed to you as soon as possible, or it will be collected by the courier service in the case of a cash payment. Before they ship the item you requested, the payment may have been completed. If the order must be canceled after the payment has been made, the money will be returned to you following the form of payment in one of the following ways: I will credit your credit or debit account online, or if you paid in cash, the money will be handed to you at any Carrefour shop in Egypt.


Carrefour Egypt Customer Support 

Feel free to look over their Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting them. They will try their hardest to respond as soon as they can. If you want immediate help, call one of their customer care representatives at 160-661. Please use Carrefour Egypt Offers 2023 to receive discounts on your purchase.


Carrefour Egypt Payment Methods

  • Visa and MasterCard.
  • Cash on delivery: The payment for the purchase amount is due when the package is delivered, according to the courier. Only local money will be taken for cash on delivery payments (EGP). All cash-on-delivery purchases are eligible for exchanges and refunds in-store.
  • Loyalty points and promo codes
  • It’s possible that the Carrefour payment system don’t take some foreign credit cards. Please call Carrefour Egypt at (160) 616-61 or get in touch with them on one of their social media sites if you need help.
  • Please use Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 to receive discounts on your purchase.


Using a Credit or Debit Card Online

All of your data while using your credit card is safeguarded from hackers and thieves by the highest level of encryption, which is done while it is stored on a secure browser. The MasterCard payment system serves as the host for all data. No credit card information is kept on their servers or systems. It’s yet another guarantee that your order will be completely secure when you use to place one. Remember to use Carrefour Egypt Coupon Codes 2023 to receive discounts on your order.


Carrefour Egypt Offers 2023

The exclusive Carrefour Egypt discount code from the coupongizer gives you an extra discount on your total purchases from Carrefour Egypt, Use the Carrefour discount coupon before placing your order from carrefour store to get an additional discount of up to 15 Egyptian pounds and free delivery of your requirements when purchasing products and goods exceeding 300 Egyptian pounds.


About Carrefour:

Carrefour Egypt is one of the most famous hypermarkets in the Arab Republic of Egypt. And you can get literally everything through Carrefour, where you can shop electronic and electrical appliances, tools, tools, and groceries products of all kinds, as well as meat, vegetables, and fruits, This is in addition to Carrefour offering continuous and continuous offers on all goods and products throughout the year.


Carrefour Egypt discount coupon 2023 – the latest offers:

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carrefour promo code egypt 2023


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Why Use Carrefour Discount Code?

Using Carrefour Egypt discount codes is the best way to save lots of money on your orders. It will give you an extra discount over the discount you get over the item, making you enjoy shopping at cheap prices.

Where Can I Find a Valid EGY Carrefour Discount Code?

CouponGizer coupon site is the best & trustful place to get extra Carrefour vouchers & codes.

How To Use Carrefour Discount Code?

First, visit CouponGizer & go to the Carrefour coupon code page. Next, choose the ideal Carrefour coupon for you & click on it. This will redirect you to the official Carrefour website automatically. Then, choose your products by filling up your shopping cart & don't neglect your wish list at all. Finally, when it comes to the payment page, you can paste & apply Carrefour Discount Code on the promo code section & get ready to get amazing discounts!

How To Apply Carrefour Discount Code?

While you are checking out your order & right after selecting all your purchases, go to the bag icon and view the caret. You will find a box labelled (enter Carrefour Promo Code), where you can enter any discount code you have. Then, you enter to avail of the discount.

How Can I Get Updates About Carrefour Coupons?

You can subscribe to the site to get immediate updates about all the new Carrefour Discount Codes valid in Egypt.

Can I Make Returns With Carrefour Egypt?

Yes, you can; the store policy makes it valid to return anything within 14 days of the delivery. However, the product must be new & unopened at all!

What's The Refund Policy?

Once you confirm that your product will be returned, the money will return to you via the original payment method. For instance, you will get your cash added to your bank account if you pay via visa. While but if you paid manually, you should get back to the store to get your money back.

What's The Average Of Delivery Time?

The delivery process takes between seven to ten days from the day of placing your order. Unlike other hypermarkets, you will get all your shopping at once, not separated times.

Is There Free Delivery?

Yes, there's a free delivery as Carrefour Egypt has no minimum free delivery policy! So, whatever you want to order & worry about the delivery fees, no worry delivery is free but for a limited time only.

How Can I Save Money At Carrefour?

Stay always up to date by subscribing to our site to get the latest Carrefour Promo Codes. It's easy to use these coupons while shopping to get extra discounts over the original discounts.

1. Are your items authentic?

As part of their agreement with the brands, they only obtain their items from approved vendors or distributors who have received certification.

2. Do your product selections in-person and online match up?

They want to provide you with everything you need online. While they will eventually add more categories, they only presently suggest the ones that are cited online.

3. How do I make a purchase?

The Checkout button can be located in the top-right corner of the screen after you have finished adding all the items you wish to purchase to your shopping basket and are ready to end your purchase. As you proceed, enter the necessary information for your payment and delivery so that you can get the order form and an email with a description of your transaction.

4. What should I do to get ready for pickup after completing my return request?

Record the tracking details on a sheet of paper and attach it to the product you are replacing. To obtain the tracking number, open the Carrefour application and select More, and then Returns. Locate the product you want to return, then click More Details. To verify that the item is genuine, package it in its original packaging, and their courier provider will inspect this.

5. I want to adjust the number of specific pieces in my cart. How can I accomplish that?

To access your cart, click the cart icon in the top right corner of your screen. Simply place your pointer next to the box Qty for this product and select the negative or positive box to alter the amount of any product in your cart. When you do this, the quantity and accompanying total amount will automatically change to match the proper number and basket price.

6. What if I forget my login?

By selecting the Forgot your login? button located beneath the address field, you can retrieve your login information if you have lost it. Both cell numbers and MyCLUB numbers can be entered. After completing the captcha, you will receive an SMS and an email containing your login information.

7. What if I receive a defective product?

Upon permission, defective items may be returned for a replacement or full reimbursement. Examples of such things include those supplied with torn or missing pieces or other damage. After the product is received, they must be notified within 1 month. Please get in touch with them at 16061 or

8. Despite having placed a purchase, I want to cancel it right now. How can I revoke my purchase?

Simply open the Carrefour application, select the purchase you wish to cancel, then select View Order Details and then Cancel Shipment from the menu that appears. A verification notice stating the order has been canceled will then be sent to you. If you have received a notification from your bank informing you that your card has been charged, be aware that this is simply an authorized sum and will be refunded once your order is canceled. They only charge your credit card after your purchase has been sent. According to your best banking provider, this could require up to three days of work to appear on your card.

9. When I placed an order, you invoiced me the full purchase price even though some products were out of stock. What should I do if my money is refunded?

Together with their numerous partners, they are making a lot of effort to make sure that all items are consistently accessible. Any charges for out-of-stock goods won't be completed; you will only be billed for the quantity of the goods you've got. Up to 20 days of work may pass before this appears on your statement, depending on your selected banking partner. Get in touch with them at 160-611 or on one of their social media platforms if you require any additional help.